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Slender: The Arrival – How to Enter New “Memories” Secret Level


Flashback and experience the final moments of Slender Man’s latest victim in the console update to Slender: The Arrival.

5 Survival-Horror Games Resident Evil Creator Mikami Needs to Play

horrorscope shinji mikami thumb

There are great indie games out there, taking up the survival horror mantel where triple-A is leaving off.

Slender: The Arrival Collectible Locations Guide


Complete the scrapbook in Slender: The Arrival.

Slender: The Arrival Letter Locations Guide


Read up on your Slender: The Arrival lore with these collectible letters.

Slender: The Arrival Maps


Take a trip down memory lane.

Slender: The Arrival – Easter Eggs & Secrets Guide


References, glitches, and secret achievements are all within Slender Man’s grasp.

Slender: The Arrival – Dev Console Commands [Cheat Codes]


Run circles around Slendy with these console commands and cheat codes.

Slender: The Arrival Review: Much to Fear, Including Repetition

slender the arrival 8 thumb

Expanding on the ideas first presented in Slender: The Eight Pages, The Arrival adds story and even more scares, but fails to diversify gameplay.

Slender: The Arrival Walkthrough


Don’t become a proxy, survive Slender’s new sequel with our tips.

Slender: The Arrival Cheats


Escape Slenderman’s grasp with our list of extras, secrets and guides.

Slender: The Arrival Beta Impressions — Much Prettier Terror

slender the arrival 5 thumb

The beta for Slender: The Arrival updates Slender: The Eight Pages with better graphics and new elements.

Slender: The Arrival Beta Footage (VID)


Looking frighteningly good.

Slender: The Arrival Gets a New (Gameplay) Trailer

slender the arrival 3 thumb

We finally get to see Slender: The Arrival in action.

Marble Hornets Teams Up with Blue Isle on Slender: The Arrival

slender the arrival 2 thumb

The Slenderman veterans are going to help make the game’s story as scary as possible.

Slender’s Woods: Short, Simple and Seriously Scary

slender's woods 3 thumb

Another take on the Slenderman mythos, and this one includes a story.

Happy Halloween from Game Front (VIDEO)

game front halloween thumb

The guys showcase a montage of some scary gaming moments they’ve experienced.

Slender Follow-up Coming With Deeper Gameplay, Story

slender the arrival 2 thumb

Slender is getting a full commercial release.