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SOE Reveals F2P Zombie Survival MMO, H1Z1


It’s official, SOE’s H1Z1 is a free-to-play zombie survival MMO set in a persistent world with deep crafting and a…

SOE Set to Reveal New Project, H1Z1 Tonight


Not long ago, SOE President John Smedley mentioned a new game was in the works at his studio, one that…

SOE “Likely” Making Single $15 Sub Good for All its Games


One sub to rule them all? That’s the Sauron-style proposition Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley is currently considering. In…

PlanetSide 2′s OMFG Optimization Goes Live Today


If Battlefield 4′s launch bugs and pure unadulterated disdain for 4GB Xbox 360 Slims has you down in the massive…

EverQuest Next: Everything We Know and Why It Sounds Awesome


SOE lays down the gauntlet of what their next gen MMO will include. The next move is yours, Blizzard.