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Report: PS4′s DriveClub Delayed To Spring 2014

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Another day, another PS4 launch title delay.

Harrison: “Power of Cloud” Will Keep Xbox One Competitive

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I’m a man who enjoys the simple things in life: Ice cold Dr. Pepper, the occasional few dozen strips strip or…

PS Vita 2000 Embraces Micro USB For Charging

PS Vita 2000 Shuhei Yoshida Micro USB 140x


Report: Foxconn Used Involuntary Interns To Build PS4 (UPDATED)

PS4 Hardware No Camera 140x

Foxconn is back in the news, this time for using forced labor to build one of the next-gen consoles.

Sony Explored, Abandoned Mandatory PS4 Eye Camera Bundle

Sony toyed with the idea of including an Eye camera with every PlayStation 4, but decided against the bundle before…

Beyond: Two Souls Review — Supernaturally Bad Storytelling


A note to would-be storytellers who might be inclined to find inspiration within Beyond: Two Souls, the latest work of…

Voice Actor Travis Willingham: I Love Anonymity


Game Front speaks to the inFAMOUS: Second Sons co-star.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Will Sell At $60 Loss During Launch


The PlayStation 4 will sell at a loss in the launch window, but it’s an easy gulf for Sony to overcome….

Expect Sony’s Big Indie Push to Poach from PC


A new generation of consoles usually means a big leap forward in technology, but arguably the centerpiece of Sony’s strategy…

Sony Gamescom Recap: PS4 Date, Price Cuts, Microsoft Burned

PS4 Logo Thumbnail 140x

“While others have shifted their message, and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining policies, and a model that…

PS4 Release Date: Nov 15 In North America, Nov 29 In Europe


We now have a release date for Playstation 4. Sony announced during this morning’s Gamescom 2013 press conference that the…

Gamescom 2013: Sony Press Conference Streaming Live


Much like E3, Gamescom officially kicks off after it actually kicks off, as the major publishers pile on with press…

The Last of Us Review: A Story of Stealth and Scavenging

last of us joel ellie looking up thumb

The Last of Us tells a well-worn zombie story in a fresh way with two great characters, but it could have benefited from shaking up its gameplay and lowering its body count.

Watch The Sony E3 Press Conference Right Here

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Join Game Front and find out if Sony actually realizes they can easily win the 8th generation by not being Microsoft.

EA CTO: XB1/PS4 ‘Generation Ahead of PC,’ Mark Rein Calls ‘Bullshit’

Crysis 3 Face Thumb

Earlier today, EA CTO Rajat Taneja took to his LinkedIn page to wax poetic about console hardware (Develop Online reported…

Gamers Rejoice: SCOTUS Upholds First Sale Doctrine


This is, in a rare twist, fantastic news.

God of War: Ascension Review: Similar, But Not Same Kratos

ascension 1 thumb

I’m no fan of God of War 3. Yes, the game is competent in its fighting mechanics and in the…

[UPDATE] PlayStation 4 Hardware Explained: x86 APU and GDDR5 Memory

large_Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 3.09.16 PM (2)THUMB

UPDATE: Sony Computer Entertainment International has released a PDF with additional hardware info. SCEI has confirmed that the PS4 has an eight-core…

[UPDATE] PS4 Revealed: Features, Specs & Game Details

large_Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 3.09.16 PM (2)THUMB

Sony’s worst kept secret has been unveiled.

Could F2P Games Make PS4 Dominant?


Probably not.

Attention: New PS4 Dev Kits Have Shipped, Apparently

playstation 3 super slim thumb

So, ok.

Buy Total Recall Blu-Ray, Get GoW: Ascension Demo


And probably fall asleep to both.

Playstation Blog Spills Ac3 Pre-Order Deets


Make a note, people.

The New Ps3 Is Out, Watch The Unboxing

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Well everyone, the new Ps3 is finally out. And to celebrate, why not have a look at the official unboxing…

Sony Patents Creepy Tech For Identifying Users


No means no, ok Sony?

Sony Won’t Drop The $ Of Older PS3s For Some Reason

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Pirtchford: Want Borderlands 2 On Vita? Sony Should Step Up



Sony Has ‘Big, Broad’ Team Supporting PS3 Skyrim


So maybe hurry up and get that DLC out then? Oh, no? Dang.

Sony Gives Killzone 1 an HD Overhaul for Killzone Trilogy

killzone 3 thumb

Three games, all the multiplayer content — $40.

Kenji Kaido Leaves Sony


The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus creator is off to greener, and weirder pastures, I’m sure.

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