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Resistance 3 Review


The final installment in the fight to liberate the Earth is further proof that Insomniac Games really knows what makes a video game fun.

Dollface is Going to Ruin Some Faces in Twisted Metal (TRAILER)

twisted metal dollface thumb

I tried to come up with something clever and Dollface-related for the headline. Drew a blank, though. Sorry.

EA’s Frank Gibeau: Vita Has “A Stronger Title Slate At Launch” Than 3DS



Comic-Con 2011: Resistance 3 Beta Date Announced


Excitement is…irresistible.

Tim Schaaff Thinks The PSN Shutdown Was A ‘Great Experience’


An opinion not shared by most people.

Sony Announces Comic-Con Lineup


Panels galore!

Friday Flame Wars – 3D Sucks: Discuss


THIS FLAME WAR IS TOTALLY IN YOUR FACE. And you don’t even need to pay 40 bucks for the privilege.

Former Sony Engineer Suing Nintendo Over 3DS Patent Infringement


Nintendo plans to dodge this bullet by changing renaming the 3DS ‘DualShock’.

PAX Prime 2011 Musical Lineup Announced


It’s nerdy. But we’ve included some videos for you to watch.

PAX Prime 2011: David Jaffe Will Be The Keynote Speaker


He’s probably already working on a list of exciting new swear words for the occasion!

The PlayStation Museum Says You Could Be The Next Top PS1 Developer

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 2.39.33 PM

If you happen to have at least $35,000 lying around.

Akimi Village Combines Building Stuff, Gardening and Cute Graphics (TRAILER)

akimi 1 thumb

All the fun of manual labor without the calluses or future back problems.

Sony Admits That The Sony Ericsson Canada Site Has Been Hacked


In other news, Sony Ericsson Canada? Yeah, that’s a thing.

Sony’s E3 2011 Site Just Went Live


And so far, it hasn’t been hacked!

Some Amazing Supernerd Got A Cactaur King Tattoo


How to commemorate your love of Final Fantasy X? Click to see!

Hackers Go After Sony/BMG Greece. Yes, Greece.


Zeus is really going to be really upset if hackers find out he loves Justin Beiber.

Sony Predicts Huge Losses Thanks To PSN Breach, Quake


Something tells me they won’t be taking that vacation to Cabo this year.

Evidence Surfaces Suggesting Usage of Amazon Cloud During PSN Hack


Fortunately this doesn’t affect the fact that the PlayStation Network is back.

Sony Posts PSN Restoration Timeline Update; Timeline Not Included


There’s absolutely nothing substantial in this news.

First Ever Chinese-Developed Gaming Console Unveiled


Nintendo Yawns. Microsoft tries to pretend it doesn’t care. Sony huddles in a corner, crying and calling for its mommy.

Sony To Unveil New Online Service, ‘PlayStation Network’, One Week Before E3


Ha-haw, but seriously the beleaguered company is apparently planning to restore PSN services on May 31.

Sony Offers Free ID Theft Protection to PSN Users

psn-logo-615 thumb

Get your identity somewhat protected with Sony’s free offering.

Anonymous Categorically Denies Involvement In PSN Data Breach Hack


Those crafty devils are playing right into Sony’s hands! BWAHAHAHA.

Sony Claims ‘Anonymous’ Link To PSN Hack As Congress Blasts Them For Blowing Off Hearing


Sony is really, really bad at this whole PR thing.

Amid Allegations Of ID Theft In Australia, Sony Reports ‘No Unauthorized Activity’


Is your credit card information safe? Yes! Maybe! Probably yes!

Stewart Gilray Thinks You’re Overreacting To PSN Hack


We disagree.

PlayStation’s New Ad Campaign Revealed! (Video)


This is the inevitable result of mismanaging a scandal.

Motorstorm Apocalypse Trophies

motorstorm trophies thumb

Snag every Motorstorm Apocalypse Trophy.

Motorstorm Apocalypse Video Walkthrough

motorstorm apocalypse thumb

Learn to become a better post-apocalyptic racer with our video strategy guide.

Senator Richard Blumenthal Demands Sony Answer For PSN Hack


The Connecticut Senator wants to know why they failed to disclose the seriousness of this breach until today. So do we.

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