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H1Z1 Leans on MMO Ideas to Improve the Zombie Apocalypse

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SOE is bringing its experience with MMOs and how to solve their problems to zombie survival games, and that could greatly improve on things like crazy griefers.

Sony Unveils SOE All-Access Subscription Model


SOE will use an all-in-one subscription model for all of its MMO titles. Are you still playing Everquest or Everquest…

SOE Pres Admits Similarity Between H1Z1 And DayZ


Over on the self touted internet forum, Reddit, SOE President John Smedley didn’t hold back when answering questions about H1Z1,…

SOE Set to Reveal New Project, H1Z1 Tonight


Not long ago, SOE President John Smedley mentioned a new game was in the works at his studio, one that…

EverQuest Next Landmark Preview – Constructing Next


Sony Online Entertainment takes a page from Minecraft and another from Early Access with the creation-heavy Everquest Next Landmark.

SOE’s New MMO Isn’t Star Wars, Says Smedley


Star Wars Galaxies fans are pretty dedicated, as SOE President John Smedley found out over the weekend.

Sony Online Shuttering Four Games, Adding All-In-One Sub


Sony Online Entertainment announced today that it will be dropping four of of its MMOs in the next six months,…

Warp Speed: Weekly Updates Coming to PlanetSide 2


Good news for those of us fighting for resources and glory on Auraxis: Starting Wednesday, SOE is planning to update…

SOE “Likely” Making Single $15 Sub Good for All its Games


One sub to rule them all? That’s the Sauron-style proposition Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley is currently considering. In…

SOE Ready to Swing Ban Hammer Outside its Games


I don’t know Jon Smedley’s gaming handle, but ‘Sony_Thor’ or ‘Mjolnir_Wielder’ would be appropriate. The SOE studio boss swings a…

Planetside 2 Releases Update 6, Adds Service Ribbons


Planetside 2 brings out the fancy ribbons and dynamic objectives for the latest patch.

Planetside 2 Releases Game Update 4, Adds VR Room


Soldiers on Auraxis can now “try before they buy.”

Wizardry Online Impressions: No Magic, Just Disappointment


Grind your cares away in an anime-inspired world. Just don’t expect to be inspired yourself.

Planetside 2 Releases Second Major Patch


Shoring up the defenses and taking criticism to heart.

Wizardry Online Launches Today


Wizards are too magical to require computers.

DC Universe Online Introduces Lairs


Lairs are perfect for brooding and/or sulking.

Planetside 2 Gives the Gift of XP and Money


Those looking to get into Planetside 2 might consider doing so during the holidays.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Plundered by Portalus


Sony Online Entertainment has decided that Pirates of the Burning Seas just doesn’t fit their current portfolio

Planetside 2 Review: The Most War-Torn Planet On Earth


Fighting hundreds of guys in endless conflict can be a little frustrating.

Planetside 2 Unveils First Patch, Rebalances Aircraft


For those of you who love floating around in fighter-class aircraft in Planetside 2, we’ve got some bad news: your favorite vehicle has been nerfed.

Wizardry Online Entraps Players on January 16th, Open Beta Available.


Sony Online Entertainment has finally given a release date for Wizardry Online, its love song to the hardcore MMO player. Players can expect to stumble over traps, get murdered by their fellow players, and explore a dark fantasy world on January 16th, 2013.

SOE Aims To Ease PlanetSide 2′s F2P Grinding



SOE Vows Planetside 2 Aimbot Crackdown



SOE Prez: Non-Gamers ‘Have No Business In This Business’

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It sounds… like sanity. Is that what that sounds like?

Hmm. EVE Online ‘Greatly Influenced’ Planetside 2



Game Front Plays Planetside 2: Live Stream on Aug. 31!

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Watch us try out Sony’s massively multiplayer first-person shooter!

First Payday: The Heist DLC Drops For PSN And PC


If this is something you find interesting.

Planetside 2 Beta Pushed Back a Few Days for ‘Polishing’

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Hopefully it’ll start by next week.

Planetside 2 Beta Blasts Off Next Week (TRAILER)

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Go sign up for a beta key.

DC Universe Online Shows ‘Free to Play is Huge’ on PS3

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The game also shows that MMOs are viable on consoles.

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