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Call of Duty Multiplayer Now ‘Unplayable’, Thanks To PS3 Hack


So, about 5 seconds of being really impressed before the a$$h0les outnumbered everyone else. Better than with The White Stripes I guess.

Oh Noes! PS3 Hack Cheats Trophies; Sony Working on Fix

trophy thumb

Expect to get a network update that will paralyze your PS3 for a bit so Sony can prevent people from fraudulently gathering digital keepsakes for video game requirements they didn’t meet.

Kevin Butler Blows Minds Over LittleBigPlanet 2 (VIDEO)

lbp2 thumbs

Hey, a new KB ad, because LittleBigPlanet 2 comes out, like, next week.

GameStop Wants to Link to Your Xbox Live Account (One Day)

gamestop thumb

GameStop sells a lot of XBL and PSN points cards, and it’s working to have your digital purchases go straight to your always-connected console, even before you leave the store.

Report Says PSP 2 ‘as Powerful as PS3′

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Sony wants to encourage developers to create deeper gaming experiences to fight off Apple, according to reports.

Sony Files Restraining Order Against Root Key Hackers

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Sony has motions in front of a judge to put a stop to the Playstation 3 root key hackers.

Playstation Phone Shown in Action with Resident Evil 2 (VIDEO)

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Seems that Playstation Pocket app that comes on the phone is for playing PSX games.

Sony Shows Prototype 3D Visor Thing at CES

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Strap this thing to your face for maximum dimensions of fun!

Sony FAILS to Announce Playstation Phone at CES 2011


The big press conference in Las Vegas showed off a new phone, but it wasn’t the Xperia Play. It was just some other Android phone. Yawn.

Bioware Giving Free DLC Armor for Mass Effect 2 on PS3

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It’s the same DLC you could receive as a preorder bonus for Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360.

Toshiba Shows Off Glasses-Free 3D TVs at CES 2011

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The company’s planning two sets, one bigger than 40 inches and one bigger than 50 inches, to hit U.S. shores this year.

Photos of Unconfirmed Playstation Phone Show Size, Android 2.3


More images of the game-playing Android phone Sony refuses to confirm grace the Internet. We continue to wonder what the deal is, exactly.

YES: Vagrant Story, Xenogears and More Coming to PSN

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ESRB has rated a handful of old PS1 titles for release on the Playstation Network. They’re unconfirmed, but then again, ESRB doesn’t go around rating hypothetical games.

Nintendo: 3DS Might Negatively Impact Kids’ Eye Growth

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Nintendo issues a warning against kids younger than six playing 3DS in 3D, hoping to prevent any idiotic lawsuits long before the idea to file them starts germinating in anybody’s head.

There is a PS2 in this TV



Move Has Sold a Bundle So Far


Well, not a literal bundle. Like a metaphorical bundle. Like millions of bundles. I’m confusing myself.

Wizards of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering Now on PS3


Online card game taps “total market penetration” without incurring mana burn.

Wahlberg Confirms Role as Nathan Drake in Upcoming Uncharted Movie


And I’ll probably skip this one as a show of solidarity for Nathan Fillion.

New Kevin Butler Ad Claims Gran Turismo 5 Might Actually Be Released

kb gt5

You know, instead of suffering another delay or self-destructing just as it hits retail shelves or disappearing in a massive government conspiracy.

Gran Turismo 5 to Launch on November 30?


Will we see Gran Turismo 5 this month? Sony’s official store seems to think so.

Gran Turismo 5 Discs Being Stamped Now


The creator of the Gran Turismo series has revealed that the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5 has finally gone gold.

Newest Game Informer Reveals Resistance 3 Details


Wondering what’s new in Resistance 3? We’ve got a rundown of the reveals in the latest Game Informer right here for your reading pleasure.

NYCC: DC Universe Online Trailer Care of Sony

dc universe

In the run-up to its New York Comic Con panel, Sony gives us new eyecandy.

Playstation Move Review


A competent motion controller setup that’s fun to play and mostly intuitive, but not groundbreaking.

First Resistance 3 Images? If So, They Look Amazing.


Are these the first concept art and screens for Resistance 3? If so, Insomniac has definitely got our attention.

PlayStation Move Also Kills Miis


A new viral ad for the PlayStation Move takes a little more direct approach at competing with the Nintendo Wii.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures now Live


Sony’s online game portal based on the Cartoon Network TV show is now open for all players.

Sony Might Be Going All Project Ten Dollar On Our Asses

ten dollar

I’m OK with this.

PS3 Modchip Claims to Allow Game Backups


Is this the first PS3 mod chip? Check out the evidence, and let us know if you think it’s the real deal.

PSP2 Is Still Its Own Thing, Is Being Shown to Publishers


My friends Rumor and Speculation have come to town for the weekend.

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