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China Is Lifting Ban On Video Game Console Sales

China flag Xbox Logo 140x

Chinese citizens will soon *officially* join the modern console gaming collective. For the first time in 13 years, companies like…

Balance or Power? Comparing Xbox One and PS4 Hardware


Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One vs. Playstation 4…

Anything Else? Sony Set to Make PS4 Tokyo Game Show Keynote

PlayStation Vita TV appeared out of thin air, and now gamers are wondering if Sony has any other tricks up…

Contrast Preview – Fun With Shadows


The most exciting game of the PS4 launch is not to be overshadowed

Virtual Reality Coming to PlayStation 4?


Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One vs. Playstation 4…

PlayStation 4′s Camera Will Allow For Voice Commands

playstation 4 camera

Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One vs. Playstation 4…

Xbox One vs. PS4: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

xbox one vs ps4 thumb

We’ve run down all the information you need to make your next big console-buying decision.

Sony Offering 3 Months of PS Plus Free With a Year’s Subscription


In preparation for the November 15 launch of the PlayStation 4 in North America, Sony is bringing back a popular…

PS4 and Vita Indie Lineup Grows — Rogue Legacy, Volume


Sony, continuing their trend of Indie support, announced quite a lineup of titles without major publisher support for both the…

Sony Partners With Twitch For PS4 Streaming


Twitch is coming to the PlayStation 4.

Vita Price Cut: $199 for PS Vita, Cheaper Memory


Affordable at last.

Dragon’s Crown Review: Fantastical Fun, While The Fun Lasts

Dragon's Crown Screenshots (50)

Dragon’s Crown is in a constant battle against its repetitive nature. Whether it wins or loses is up to the preferences of the player.

RAM, Consoles, And You: Much Ado About Nothing

RAM Pile 140x

We break down just how important those RAM numbers are in the next-generation consoles, as well as in your everyday PC gaming builds.

Microsoft’s (Reluctant) Changes to Xbox One Could Save It


By now, you’ve heard that Microsoft has relented on the absurd prohibition against Indie developers who lack a major publisher….

More Games Need Endings Like The Last of Us

bills town sunset thumb

The Last of Us has a painful ending that doesn’t flinch from its themes or its characters. It’s a tough sell, but we need more like it in games.

Breaking: Microsoft Caves, Xbox One DRM Removed


Congratulations gamers, you won.

Friday Flame Wars: Who Won E3? Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?


Sony. Come dare to disagree with me.

Comment of the Week: A Scientific Experiment

FratBros thumb

“I simulated the non-existent dude bro idiot by drinking heavily and smashing my head in my head in a car door…”

How Sony Won E3 2013


The story of a slaughter.

Sony Further Clarifies DRM Policy: No Online Passes


No different than the PS3.

Sony: No Region Locking for PlayStation 4


Sony’s PS4 will be region-free.

Playstation 4: Yes to Used Games, No to Always-On DRM


Sony scores a crushing victory in the ongoing console wars.

PS4 Used Game Instructional Video Applies Salt to Wound

sharing games thumb

Man, it’d be mean if it wasn’t so deliciously perfect.

Finally, Here’s What the PS4 Looks Like (PICS)


Sony lifts the velvet curtain.

The Last of Us Review Round-Up


A look at what our fellow critics thought of Naughty Dog’s new effort.

Sony Devs Respond to ‘PS4 No DRM’ Twitter Campaign


A number of Sony developers have publicly responded to the PS4 No DRM campaign on Twitter.

Questionable Report Claims PS4 Price Point Leaked, 399 Euros


The price for the PS4 has been reportedly pegged at a 399 Euros.

Sony Q4 FY12 Earnings: ‘Essentially Flat’ in Game Sector


Sony continues its recovery towards the next year.

Video Game Violence: The Sad, Limiting Standard


All our biggest games revolve around committing violence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Always-Online Xbox Console: An Insane Idea


It’s going to take a lot of tools to explain the absurdity of the idea. Or just one.

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