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The Last of Us Will Flip Conventions of Video Game Heroes, Actor Says

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He’s different from Nathan Drake. Take note.

You Can Pre-order Mass Effect 3 on PSN, Download It on Launch Day

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Now your Playstation is officially like a not-as-good PC.

Mitch and James Unbox the Playstation Vita (VIDEO) (HILARIOUS)

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Setting a new bar in the unboxing video genre.

David Jaffe Encourages You to Shoot a Truck for Twisted Metal Promo (VIDEO)

twisted metal jaffe shooting thumb

Blowing stuff up as a marketing strategy.

Soul Calibur 5 Review


Ivy’s boobs aren’t the only noteworthy thing about this game.

Publishers’ War on Used Games and Why You Should Buy a PC Already

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As publishers continue to exert more control on console gamers’ buying habits, it’s past time to switch to PC.

Sony ‘Likely to Be Last’ of Console Makers to Announced Next-Gen Plans

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They’re playing it cool, boy. Real cool.

Twisted Metal Demo Hits PSN on Jan. 31, Along With Syndicate Demo (on Xbox, Too)

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No PC demo for Syndicate, though.

How About a Starhawk Trailer to Go With the Public Beta

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If you’ve got a Playstation Plus membership, you can still get into the beta and check out Starhawk yourself.

Al Gore Opposes SOPA, Everybody

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If there’s one guy who knows about the Internet….

Vita Sales Dropped 78 Percent During Christmas Week in Japan

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Gran Turismo 5 Celebrates Holidays with Free In-Game Toyota, DLC Pack

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A bunch of new cars for your Gran Turismo enjoyment.

Sony Sued For Putting ‘You Can’t Sue Us’ Clause in Playstation Network Terms of Service

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Apparently the clause isn’t working.

Sony: Only One Playstation Network Account Per Vita

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You’ll be needing more than one device if you plan on having friends or family.

RIP: GamePro


The venerable Magazine/site ist kaput.

GameStop Reveals U.S. Vita Memory Card Prices

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Just as we thought, Vita memory cards are going to cost you … kind of a lot.

Details About Vita’s Game Transfer Fees Released


These details are specific to Japan though. Prices in the US will not be in Yen.

Sony Says Uncharted 3 Sold 3.8 Million Units on Day One

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Taking Sony at its word that that’s not the number of games it put on store shelves.

Newell Thinks Apple Might Be Looking to Kill Consoles (and He’s Probably Right)

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Apple’s latest iOS update can put mobile games on your TV. Gabe thinks a standalone Apple gaming device is coming.

Sony Shows Us Video Game Valhalla in New Ad (VIDEO)

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They released an ad to tease an ad.

Sony: All Future PS3 Games Will Include an Online Pass

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Welcome to the future. Please look into your computer’s webcam for a retina scan to prove you paid to read this news post.

Child of Eden Hits Playstation 3 on Sept. 27 (TRAILER)

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Warm up your Move controllers.

Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection Review

shadow of the colossus 2 thumb

A pair of beautiful games have gotten HD revamps — great for new players, although they’re not as great on a second run.

Kratos is Angry About Stuff in God of War: Origins Collection (TRAILER)

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This just in: He’s also violent.

Christina Ricci Plays Playstation Move in a Skin-Tight Minidress (PICS)


Thanks, God!

The Top 10 Weirdest Commercials in Gaming (VIDEOS)

terrible game commercials thumb

Yeah, some of these are incredibly strange.

Sony Confirms Its S1 Tablet is a Playstation Tablet

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It’s not really all that Playstation-like and we kind of already knew that it was a Playstation tablet, but whatever.

Act Out the Best Point Break Scenes in PayDay: The Heist (TRAILER)

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“Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!” “Any of you f—ing pigs move, and I’m gonna execute every motherf—ing last one of you!”

Sony Drops Details on ICO/Shadow of the Colossus HD Bonus Content, Trophies

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Your blu-ray disc has more than just two games on it.

ICO-Inspired Novel Available Aug. 16

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Preorder it and it’s only 10 bucks.

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