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Good News! CISPA Dies In The Senate


And we can breathe a temporary sigh of relief.

Beware: CISPA Gets Closed-Door Hearing Tomorrow


And we need to pay close, close attention.

What Is The Internet Moratorium Act 2012?


It might be a good thing.

That Was Fast! Invasive Email Bill May Be DOA



Pay Attention To Japan’s Creepy SOPA-Style Copyright Law


Uh oh.

California to Pay Game Companies $950,000 in Legal Fees Over Failed Bill

brow vs ema thumb

They’re giving away a portion of that money for education, though.

Beware Of Zombie PIPA And SOPA

STOP_SOPA-300x300 copy

That public outcry successfully led to their collapse is no reason to become complacent. They will return.

SOPA Was a Distraction: ACTA Is Targeting the World


We will stand and fight!

Perhaps the SOPA/PIPA Blackout Worked (GRAPHIC)


It’s explained very simply.

Great News: SOPA and PIPA Postponed ‘Indefinitely’


I think it might be time to pop the cork on that bottle of Brut.

GameFront’s Post-SOPA Flowchart Guide to Posting on The Web (PIC)



What Would GameFront Be Like If SOPA Passes? (VIDEO)

sopa is bad

It wouldn’t be pretty.

Will the SOPA Blackout Work?


Wikipedia’s in. Google’s in. Icanhascheezburger iz in. Will it make a difference?

SOPA Isn’t Dead; It’s Just Sleeping, Will Wake Up in February


So keep up your righteous indignation, Internet.

EA Doesn’t Support SOPA, But It Isn’t Against It, Either


They officially have no stance.

SOPA: Why I Can’t Defend the Game Industry Anymore


Redirecting my anger onto those I once stood up for

The ESA Apparently Spent $190,000 Last year Lobbying In Favor Of PIPA


That’s one hundred and ninety thousand, or as it’s known in Washington, “chump change”.

SOPA Reportedly Wounded, Possibly Dead


This is as exciting as it is unverified.

The Obama Administration Opposes SOPA, But Not Strongly Enough


This is promising news, but before we get too excited, let’s see what they’ve actually said.

Gaming Community Joins SOPA Protests With Jan. 18 Blackouts

sopa thumb

The list of SOPA protesters grows longer. Do your part Jan. 18.

U.S. Congressman Who Plays League of Legends Opposes SOPA


His campaign motto should be: “Less SOPA; more MOBA.”

Petition Entreats EA to Oppose SOPA

pirates thumb

Sign this petition, as if what players want has ever factored into anything EA has ever done.

Why Don’t More Game Companies Oppose SOPA?


No amount of revenue lost to piracy can justify supporting such heinous legislation.

Al Gore Opposes SOPA, Everybody

al gore thumb

If there’s one guy who knows about the Internet….

SOPA Isn’t the Solution, But Can We At Least Agree There’s A Problem?


We agree that SOPA’s not good, but shouldn’t something be done?

Epic Says SOPA Sucks


Good times.

EA, Sony and Nintendo Are Sort Of Still SOPA Supporters


Sort of.

Anonymous Declares War on Sony (Again) for Supporting SOPA


Yarr, we be anonymous.

SOPA Hearing Pushed Back To 2012


SOPA used to want to destroy the Internet forever, but then it took an arrow to its knee.

As Vote Is Delayed, Internet Engineers Issue A Scathing Open Letter Against SOPA


We didn’t dodge a bullet, but it has been slowed down.