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Soul Calibur V Has A, Ahem, Prominent Chest (PIC)

soul calibur v chest

This should make you want to buy the game!

Comment of the Week: Why Ladies Wear Skimpy Clothing In Fighting Games


This is genius!

New Soul Calibur 5 Screens Show Off Character Design, Balletic Violence


Needs more metaphorical cleavage, less literal cleavage.

Gamescom 2011: Soul Calibur V Trailer!

soul calibur v

New characters revealed.

New Soul Calibur V Characters, and a Trailer

soul calibur v

You know you’re excited.

Button Mashup #4: Sexy Girls of Gaming


Just look at the size of those polygons!

Enjoy SOULCALIBUR V – Behind-the-Game (Video)


I miss my Dreamcast!

Soul Calibur V E3 Trailer

soul calibur v

This is my game, baby.