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Deadpool, Other Activision Marvel Games Pulled from Steam, XBLA, PSN

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It appears as though Dec. 31, 2013, marked the expiration of several of Activision’s Marvel Comics licenses, with a number of titles disappearing from digital sales portals.

Video Game Deals All Day at

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It’s a day worth of lightning deals, plus Spider-Man for $40.

Activision Will Release An Open-World Spider-Man Game In 2012


Hey waitaminnit, didn’t they already try that with the Spider-Man 2 game?

Beenox Developing Spider-Man Movie Tie-In Game

amazing spider-man game

What the what?

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Golden Spider Locations


Get gold with the webhead.

Guess What? One More Spider-Man: Edge of Time Trailer In Case You Forgot About It

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This is roughly trailer no. 17.

This Might Be Spider-Man: Edge of Time’s Most Exciting Trailer

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The game’s on sale tomorrow and this trailer makes it look kinda fun.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Cheats


Face forward, Marvel-ites.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Achievements


Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Trophies


Swing into some trophies, web-head.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough


Check this walkthrough, right in the nick of time.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Identity Crisis Pre-Order Trailer


4 more pre-order bonus suits. 4 of them!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Future Foundation Pre-Order Trailer


More fantastic wardrobe switcheroos for people who pre-order. Now in glimmering black and white!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Big Time Pre-Order Trailer


Redecorate the wall-crawler and kick some das boot.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Behind the Scenes With Christopher Daniel Barnes (Video)


The voice of Spider-Man 2099 chimes in on Activision’s upcoming Spider powered mindscrew. No, it’s not Val Kilmer. But that photo of Val is awesome.

Starbuck Explains Being Black Cat in Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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Starbuck talks about being a clone.

Val Kilmer Talks About Playing a Bad Guy in Spider-Man: Edge of Time (TRAILER)

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He’s all evil and time-travely.

Laura Vandervoort Talks About Voicing Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Edge of Time (TRAILER)

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It’s about what you’d expect.

Screen Junkies Asks: Do Video Games Based on Movies Still Suck?


Let’s talk about it.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time E3 Trailer


Time will be bent.

Ten Time Travel Scenarios Marvel Should Consider Instead Of Spider-Man: Edge Of Time (LIST)


This list is in danger of disrupting the entire course of history!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Preview


Two Spider-Men are swinging through time in a new adventure this fall, and we’ve got fresh details on the crazy story, cause-and-effect mechanic, combat and more.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Announced


Activision has revealed the title of the next Spider-Man game – it’s due out this fall.