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Black Rock Studios Closes Down For Realz


I don’t have any whiskey left to pour out for this one.

11 Games With Hilariously Stupid Names (DEEP ANALYSIS)


There’s an art to naming things, and for the most part developers and publishers do a pretty good job. The…

Split/Second To Speed Onto PSP for Christmas

Disney plans to ring in the holiday season this year to the tiny, handheld sounds of mufflers and explosions by…

Split/Second Review


Racing games have never been one of my favorite things, and I despise reality shows. Those two things taken together…

Split/Second Unlockable Cars

Racing games attract gearheads, and gearheads can never have enough virtual cars to ogle and drive. Those looking to expand…

Split/Second Cheats

Get ahead of the pack with this comprehensive Split/Second guide, as we tabulate all the accolades and unlockable goodies available….

Split/Second Trophies

Fast cars. Explosions. What more could anyone ask for? The drivers in Split/Second’s demented racing-based reality show take advantage of…

Split/Second Achievements

Those who crave speed will find much to enjoy as they tear around the adrenaline-soaked racetracks of Split/Second. The rewards…