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UFG Is Working On “Triad Wars,” Set In Sleeping Dogs Universe


Sleeping Dogs 2: Die Harder…or something.

Our Final Fantasy XIV Impressions Are On The Way


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been out for approximately two weeks at this point. So why is there…

Square Enix: Monetizing Final Fantasy XIV Videos Not Allowed


Square Enix doesn’t want you to make money off videos of FFXIV: ARR.

The Best Mods For Final Fantasy 7


Final Fantasy 7 saw recent release on Steam, so it’s time to bust out the mods.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Impressions – Risen From Ashes


A Realm Reborn looks poised for a strong comeback. Can it reverse Final Fantasy XIV’s fortunes?

Square Enix Undergoes Massive Restructuring


Changes are coming.

Thief 4: Pure, Unadulterated, Stealth

Thief 4 E3 Preview 2 140x

Gaming on the PC since the very early 90′s, I’ve tried to keep my hand in every major franchise that…

Square Enix to Revamp Business, Adopt Lessons from Kickstarter


Square Enix infamously revealed that despite selling millions of copies, Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs failed to meet…

Tomb Raider PC Review: A Real Hero is Reborn

lara in blood thumb

Lara Croft stands among and even above other great video game protagonists by earning every second of her survival.

Tomb Raider Dev on Lara’s Violent Reboot: ‘Let’s Be Bold’

tomb raider 6 thumb

Crystal Dynamics developers discuss the goals and development of their new direction for Tomb Raider.

Where’s Game Front’s Tomb Raider Review?

tomb raider 2thumb

It’s going to be a while, unfortunately. PC code isn’t available for anyone.

Everything We Know About Tomb Raider

tomb raider 5 thumb

Here’s a huge rundown of all the information about Tomb Raider that’s available before the game’s release.

Infographic Runs Down the History of Lara Croft

lara croft graphic thumb

That’s a whole lot of info about Tomb Raider.

(Console) Hitman: Absolution Down to $28 at Newegg

hitman 1 thumb

That’s pretty cheap, if you’re good without a PC version.

GetGames’ Final Holiday Markdown: Hitman Absolution

hitman 1 thumb

Get half off on the PC download of Agent 47′s latest romp.

Fan-Made Deus Ex: Human Revolution Short Looks Awesome (VID)

dxhr dcode thumb

This looks pretty great.

Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2012


We haz a sad.

Sleeping Dogs Hasn’t Sold Poorly, Sez Square Enix

sleeping dogs 2 thumb


The Tomb Raider ‘Survivor’ Trailer Is Alive


And we’ve got it here.

New FFXIV Director: Failure Risks ‘Destroying’ Square Enix

final fantasy xiv thumb

Big talk. And he might be right.

Supposed Hitman 6 Concept Art Leaked


Grains of salt. So many grains of salt.

Over 50K Levels Made In Hitman Absolution Contracts Mode

hitman contracts thumb

Damn, son.

5 Real Assassinations That Would Make Great Hitman Missions


History, with added bald badassness.

Hitman Absolution Review: Misfiring With A Great Gun

hitman contracts thumb

Agent 47 returns, but is he the same efficient killer we remember?

Square Enix Announces Tomb Raider Collector’s Editions

tomb raider collector's edition small thumb

Here are the various things you can spend your money on when it comes to Tomb Raider.

Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare In North Point – Trick Or Treat?


We liked it, mostly.

Square Enix Thought Sleeping Dogs “Potential Franchise” From The Start

sleeping-dogs thumb

Good to know.

Sleeping Dogs “Nightmare in North Point” Trailer Is Ghostly!

sleeping dogs 2 thumb

No, these aren’t zombies!

Sleeping Dogs Asks Players To Pick Next DLC

sleeping dogs 2 thumb

Here’s an interesting way to get people enthused about spending money. Square Enix is asking players to choose the next…

Dishonored’s Lone Pseudo-Boss Fight is Its Best Moment

dishonored empress thumb

The developers might be right to avoid boss fight tropes, but the one big fight of the game is a great moment.

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