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Avalanche And Square Enix Joining Forces For Open World Game


No reason was given. Just ’cause, I guess. ZING.

And Now, Some Sleeping Dogs Screenshots


Thrill to the thrilling thrill ride.

Watch The Sleeping Dogs 101 Trailer


Lots of brutal police violence.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Download for $7 on Amazon

deus ex 6 cover thumb


Thief 4 Director Says Game Will Offer More Than Just Stealth

thief 4 thumb

Expect new and different stuff from the next Thief installment.

5 Time Travel Safety Tips We Learned from Video Games

EpochQUANTUM thumb

Time travelers have a lot to learn from video games, like not falling into spike pits.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is $10 on Steam This Weekend

dxhr melee thumb


Square Enix Might Be Sitting on a Thief 4 Trailer

thief 4 thumb

News that news may be coming sometime, we hope.

Sleeping Dogs Hands-on Preview


What, you thought we let them lie?

Risen 2: Dark Waters Gets a Collector’s Edition Full of Stuff (in the U.K.)

risen 2 collector's edition thumb

Stickers, a pirate flag and a making-of DVD, among other things.

Tomb Raider 2012 Is Alpha


We’re very much closer to the reimagined giggly adventurer!

Every NPC in Hitman: Absolution Has a Unique Identity

hitman absolution thumb

It’s almost like killing real people, you evil bastard you.

Square Enix Defeats Final Fantasy XI Class Action Lawsuit


So, carry on, FFXI players.

Wakfu’s Open Beta Stars on Jan. 4 — Get Ready

wakfu thumb

Sober up and prepare to join.

PS Vita US Release Lineup Announced.


Nintendo wishes they could pay attention to this and go back to last February.

Square Enix Suspends Member Operations After Community Site Hacked

final fantasy facepalm thumb

No credit card information lost, though.

Chrono Trigger Hits iPhone, iPad — Hooray!

chronotrigger thumb

It’ll cost you 10 bucks, but for Chrono Trigger, isn’t that worth it?

Ladies And Gentlemen: Your First Look At Square Enix’s Untitled RPG


And it kind of looks like Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

Square Enix To Supposedly Launch Giant Unreal-Powered RPG In February


I added ‘supposedly’ because don’t think I haven’t forgotten about Dungeon Siege 3.

Square’s Freshly Minted Montreal Studio to Start With a New Hitman Title

hitman 1 thumb

And the new game is reportedly for next-generation hardware.

Dungeon Siege 3 DLC Is Coming


I wish I cared!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s DLC ‘The Missing Link’ Out Now (TRAILER)

deus ex bob page thumb

Delve back into the intrigue of 2027 once again.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution ‘The Missing Link’ DLC Review


It’s more DXHR — if you loved that game, buy it. If you don’t like sneaking around more offices, you might be annoyed.

A 17-Minute Dose of Hitman: Absolution, Straight from E3 (VIDEO)

hitman 1 thumb

The awesome video demo that shows off Instinct and dressing up.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link Developer Walkthrough #2


More detail into the DLC packet that expands nothing and explains even less.

Chrono Trigger is Coming to the Playstation Network Oct. 4, For Real This Time


No idea what it’ll cost though.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Mod Removes the Gold Filter

deus ex  4 serif thumb

Clean up the lighting in DXHR with this download.

Eidos Walks Us Through Some of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s ‘Missing Link’ DLC (VIDEO)

deus ex missing link thumb

See Jensen on a boat!

Wait, Wait — No Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI on PSN This Week

final fantasy vi thumb

Setzer is sad.

Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI Coming to PSN This Week!

chrono trigger thumb

Holy crap, it’s Square’s two best RPGs!

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