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Star Citizen In-Engine Trailer Asks Gamers to “Imagine”


Cloud Imperium has released a new trailer for Star Citizen featuring all in-engine footage. The trailer, originally put out by…

Star Citizen Raises $63 Million, Announces Pets for Stretch Reward


Star Citizen has successfully raised $63 million and announced its next set of stretch goal rewards. According to an announcement…

Star Citizen Dev Not Profiting From Crowdfunding

Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium founder Chris Roberts believes that Star Citizen “isn’t a normal game.” That, at least, is what he expressed…

Star Citizen’s Fundraising Could End Up Hurting the Game


Star Citizen’s staggering budget means it will either be crowdfunding’s greatest success story or its greatest failure. Star Citizen is…

GF Podcast 32: Secret Ponchos, Shovel Knight, Areal’s Kickstarter

secret ponchos 2 thumb

Turns out there’s lots to talk about this week, from Oculus’ latest drama with Zenimax to how good Shovel Knight is, to the questionable Kickstarter for supposed STALKER follow-up Areal.

Star Citizen Has $47M, Fans Want More Stretch Goals


As a game pitch, Star Citizen is a fantastic premise, heralding a return to dogfighting space sims from the creator…

Star Citizen May End Stretch Goals After Hitting $46 Million


Star Citizen has now passed the $46 million mark in funding, and Chris Roberts is thinking of ending stretch goals….

Star Citizen Dogfighting Module Delayed by Bug Hunt


Cloud Imperium Games has again delayed the release of Star Citizen’s dogfighting module. The module, which the studio had dubbed…

Dogfight! Star Citizen Gameplay Videos


Chris Roberts needs to go back to space flight school. The Wing Commander creator is in Boston this week for…

Chris Roberts: Cloud Imperium Won’t Sell Out


Fearing Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR might be the start of a trend, fans have been filling the Star Citizen…

Star Citizen Passes $40 Million in Crowdfunding


The folks at Kickstarter recently revealed that more than 8,500 games have received $250 million in crowdfunding since the site…

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Coming to Xbox One, PS4


You now have your choice of platform for Warhorse Studios’ realistic medieval RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In a new update…

Star Citizen Hits $37 Million In Crowdfunding


That’s a lot of fake spaceships!

Submit! Star Citizen’s Next Great Starship Registration Closing


Today is your last chance to enjoy 2013 (a rather good year, IMO). It’s also your last chance to get…

Star Citizen Dogfighting Module Delayed


It always sounded a little too ambitious. Chris Roberts and the team working on Star Citizen originally wanted to put…

Star Citizen Shoots Past $30 M, No Signs of Slowing Down


These updates never get old, and they never cease to leave me with a slack jaw: Chris Roberts‘ crowdfunded juggernaut,…

Star Citizen on Next Gen Consoles? Chris Roberts Speaks


“Star Citizen IS a PC game. It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform. We will NOT limit…

Star Citizen Crosses $25M, Alpha Expanded


At this rate, Chris Roberts and the Star Citizen team will have the funds to create real-life starships in a…

A 4K In-Engine Star Citizen Video Is Predictably Attractive


I’m not convinced there’s any real need to gear a game’s advertising toward eight people while potentially making everyone else…

Star Citizen Crosses $22 Million, Adds Facial Capture Tech


Star Citizen ships and systems look gorgeous. Thanks to hitting its $22 million stretch goal, the crowdfunded space sim from…

Chris Roberts Wants You to Design Your Own Starship

Don’t fancy any of the spaceships Chris Roberts and the team at CIG have created for Star Citizen? (My, aren’t…

Elite: Dangerous Adds Oculus Rift VR Support


Elite: Dangerous (you know, that other massive, gorgeous-looking space sim by an industry icon that was Kickstarted early this year)…

Jaw Dropping: Star Citizen HD Sizzle Reel

I am going to play the s&!$ out of this game. AMD rolled out its new R9 and R7 GPU…

Star Citizen Hits $19 Million, Up Next: FPS Planets

Make it $19 million. Continuing its steady, money siphoning march to gaming history, Star Citizen shot past yet another stretch…

Holy Crowdfunding! Star Citizen Nears $18 Million


When any videogame Kickstarter hits its funding goal, it’s an impressive accomplishment. When a project crosses the magical $1 million…

Chris Roberts Talks Star Citizen, The Last of Us, Broken Age, and More


Picking the mind of a crowd-funding, starfaring visionary.

RSI Releases New Video of Star Citizen with In-Game Graphics


The future is now.

What Does a Kickstarter Failure Look Like?


We take a close look at five failed Kickstarter launches.

Star Citizen Garners Over $8.1m in Crowd Funding


Star Citizen promises to revive the space sim genre.

Star Citizen Dev: Next-Gen Consoles Won’t Be As Big As Last-Gen


You tell ‘em.

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