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New “Pre-Alpha” Star Wars: Battlefront III Footage Leaks


‘ New footage has emerged from LucasArt’s cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III. The footage, which was posted to YouTube by…

EA: Titanfall is a ‘Franchise That Will Be Around for a Long, Long Time’

titanfall thumb

EA sees Titanfall as a “pillar” franchise, along with Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront.

EA Canada Working on Open World Star Wars Game?


It was bad. I’m talking the-Empire-taking-over-the-galaxy bad. The prequel movies, starring one of the worst actors ever seen on film,…

EA: We Won’t Make Star Wars Movie Games


Here’s what we know for sure: Star Wars Battlefront is in development at DICE. In its deal with Disney, Electronic…

Ex Lucasarts Source Says SWBF3 99% Claims ‘Bullsh*t’


Cat fight!

Ouch, Battlefront 3 Was 99% Done When Cancelled


It’s not easy seeing your project trashed at the last minute.

Facebook Group Hopes to Unite Fans Behind Star Wars: Battlefront 3

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Like Battlefront 3? You might want to check out this group. No pressure.

Here’s An Hour of Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 (VIDEO)

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It’s in rough shape, but evidence suggests that game would have been fun.

Free Radical Was Offered Goldeneye 2; Battlefront 3 “Was Pretty Much Done”


Oh, what could have been.

Star Wars: Battlefront III Might Be In Development, Due This Year


The truth is concealed behind the Force.

Star Wars: Battlefront III Listings Spotted on Amazon

Come to think of it, I guess we are kind of due for another installment in the Star Wars: Battlefront…

Former LucasArts Staff Reveal Details About Future Games — KOTOR 3, Anyone?

You know what they say about payback, and the now-official LucasArts layoffs has led to