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SOE Set to Reveal New Project, H1Z1 Tonight


Not long ago, SOE President John Smedley mentioned a new game was in the works at his studio, one that…

SOE’s New MMO Isn’t Star Wars, Says Smedley


Star Wars Galaxies fans are pretty dedicated, as SOE President John Smedley found out over the weekend.

Still Mourning? Get The Star Wars: Galaxies Memory Book


May it long live in the weird glowy, force-infused afterlife.

Bioware: TOR Queues Will Be “Manageable and Reasonable”


They’re getting out in front of expected delays for players when the game drops tomorrow.

Star War Galaxies Is Dead

Star Wars Galaxies

As dead as our hopes that Lucas will stop screwing around with the original trilogy.

Star Wars Galaxies Servers Shut Off December 31, 2011


The Old Republic kicks Star Wars Galaxies to the curb.