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GF Podcast 50: Evolve, Game of Thrones, and More Destiny


Whoa, we’re a bit late with this week’s podcast, but that might be a result of it being ridiculously full…

The Coolest and Uncoolest Moments in Star Wars Game Canon

jedi knight jerec thumb 1

Phil Owen runs down some of the greatest and not-so-great Star Wars game moments that are probably no longer part of the canon.

Obsidian Wants To Make A New Star Wars RPG


The game may be set between Episode III and Episode IV.

5 Games to Snag During the Steam Holiday Sale

steam thumb

Here are five suggestions for spending your holiday video game money during the Steam Holiday Sale.

Mod of The Year 2012


Find out what mods rocked 2012.

Expect the Death of Backward Compatibility Next Year

super metroid thumb

You’ll be paying for those games you already own, now and forever.

Obsidian’s Chris Avellone Talks Writing for Games

kotor 2 4 thumb

The team over at Koobismo interviewed a guy known for writing (and other things) in games.

Steam Thanksgiving Sale Kicks Off with 50% Off Walking Dead

walking dead 2 thumb

This weekend, stuff your face and empty your wallet.

Disney Announces “Star Wars: Hunters of Jar Jar Binks”


Sales proceeds will go towards striking all traces of the prequel trilogy from existence.

Knights of the Old Republic II: Restored Content Review

kotor 2 1 thumb

This game is so much better now. Play it, or play it again.

5 Essential KOTOR 2 Mods


Five mods for you to install before you replay KOTOR 2.

KOTOR 2 is Finally on Steam — Snag It for $10

KOTOR2_2 thumb

Now we can try out the Restored Content mod.

KOTOR 2 Restored Content Mod Is Out!


May the fix be with us.

South Park RPG Coming to Consoles with Trey Parker, Matt Stone Writing

south park game informer thumb

Please be a musical please be a musical please be a musical please be a musical

GameFront Network Mod Update — July 27


Check out these new and popular mods from the GameFront community.

Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 Mod — KOTOR and TSL Save Game Editor


Use the Force like never before.

Knights of the Old Republic 2 Mod — Newbiemodders Korriban Expansion


Delve deeper into the world of the Sith.

GameFront Network Mod Update – May 9


Check out these new mods from the GameFront community.

Exploring Morality in Games

Chris Avellone is one of the founders of Obsidian and a game designer whose credits include Fallout 2, KOTOR II…

KOTOR 2 Restoration Project Entering Closed Beta

The long awaited Sith Lords KOTOR 2 Restoration Project version 1.0b1 will released to the closed beta team this weekend….