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SWTOR Patch 1.6 Announced, F2P Still Poorly Executed


New stuff coming you won’t see if you hate their free-to-play conversion.

SWTOR Goes Free-to-Play Today, Care Much?

SWTOR Cartel coins

Is free SWTOR any better than when you paid for it?

Attention: Is Down For The Next 12 Hours


Likely related to the impending F2P conversion.

EverQuest 2, RIFT, and More MMO Update Madness This Week

RIFT: Storm Legion

Is this Sparta? No, this is MMO madness!

Origin Accounts Are Being Hijacked


EA not responding well to the situation.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free-To-Play Nov. 15

old republic cartel coins thumb

It’s coming with more Cartel Coins.

Disney Announces “Star Wars: Hunters of Jar Jar Binks”


Sales proceeds will go towards striking all traces of the prequel trilogy from existence.

EA COO: “The PC Was Dead to Us,” but “The Big Client PC Games Are Back”


“Price was always the issue” for SWTOR.

AAA Star Wars Games May Soon Be Long, Long Ago


We sat in on Disney’s Star Wars-related investor call. Here’s what we learned.

Breaking: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Announces Star Wars 7


Holy. Crap.

SWTOR FTP Restrictions Eased Somewhat


We have the brief deets inside.

SWTOR Public Test Server Sets All Players as F2P to Test Cartel Market


More boons for subscribers revealed.

BioWare Breaks Down Differences in SWTOR Free, Paid Versions

old republic cartel coins thumb

See the things you’ll need to pay for if you go with the free option.

5 Ways EA Can Get SWTOR Free-to-Play Right

old republic free to play thumb

The free-to-play transition is coming to Bioware’s MMO. Here’s what they need to get it right.

BioWare Beat: BioWare Is Bleeding Bigwigs


Yet another pair of high profile departures hit EA’s RPG wing, and one of them is (obliquely) commenting.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Terror From Beyond Update is Live

old republic terror from beyond thumb

New high-level content!

BioWare Beat: Irish Call Center Switched To General EA use


Tick tock, people. Tick tock.

BioWare Founders Retire After Nearly 20 Years with Company

sad liara thumb

Is this the untimely end of Milhouse–er, BioWare?

SWTOR Begins High Population Server Tech Testing


Surely, this means they have a high population of plahahahahaha.

SWTOR Lead Designer Erickson ‘Actively Looking for New Opportunities’

daniel erickson linkedin thumb

Could this LinkedIn profile point to Erickson leaving BioWare?

BioWare Commits to New SWTOR Content ‘Every Six Weeks’

old republic dancing thumb

They want you back.

Big Class and Balance Changes Coming to SWTOR in 1.4


Big changes to Resolve incoming.

BioWare Sending Surveys Asking ‘How Can We Improve Our Games?’

mass effect 3 cerberus thumb

The surveys just collect data on platform usage, though. But we’re putting the question to you!

BioWare on SWTOR F2P: Not Trying to Squeeze Every Penny Out of It

old republic gunslinger thumb

BioWare Austin’s boss talks about moving to the freemium model.

Peter Moore On BioWare: “The Studio Has Done Great!”


I’ve always wondered what a crumbling edifice looks like.

Dream Job Ended: One Writer’s Time Working on The Old Republic

james jones malgus thumb

Former Web Content Writer James B. Jones spent 14 months working at BioWare Austin — and left the company among layoffs.

Razer Releases Switchblade UI SDK


Create your own apps.

The MMO is Not Just a Genre


Massive open worlds do not begin and end with Warcraft.

RUMOR: Zeschuk Quits BioWare Austin (But Still Part of Company), Studio To Be Renamed


Begin the BioWare death clock.

Lead Writer Tweet Hints At New SWTOR Content


Assuming that EA doesn’t kill the beast before it goes F2P.

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