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The 5 Worst Star Wars Games Ever

masters of teras kasi

This is a bad trip.

Tom’s Hardware Benchmarks TOR


Some good news, some bad news.

Everybody Likes Free-to-Play MMOs More than Subscription Ones

old republic gunslinger

And more startling facts.

2 Million People Wanted In The Old Republic Beta

old republic

Not that many actually got in, though.

Your WalMart TOR Preoder May Have Been Canceled


That’s why you buy games from a real game shop.

How TOR Can Beat WoW – In 5 Easy Steps


Because beating WoW is just that easy.

BioWare Unleashing One Piece of The Old Republic’s Score A Day Until Launch

old republic

Oh yay!

Impressions of the The Old Republic Beta


Over-hyped, or a Force to be reckoned with?

Here Be the Progression for a Jedi Consular in Star Wars: The Old Republic (VIDEO)


It may not be what you expect.

Activision’s Kotick Doesn’t Think Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Make EA Any Money

old republic thumb

Although he could just be afraid SWTOR will steal subscribers from World of Warcraft.

New Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Consular Video


It’s not as cool as the Sith videos, but it still has lightsabers in it.

WILD SPECULATION TIME: Is BioWare Reviving Command and Conquer?


Who knows?! But we’re not afraid to add to irresponsible guesswork!

World of Warcraft Could Lose As Many As 1.6 Million Players To Star Wars: The Old Republic


That would be a tragedy!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Saw 1 Million Beta Testers Last Weekend, BioWare Says


There’s work to do still before launch, though.

BioWare Sending out Invites for SWTOR Weekend Beta


May the beta invite be with you.

EA Says You Probably Won’t Be Left Behind At SWTOR’s Launch

old republic sith inquisitor

But maybe you will.

The Old Republic’s Collector’s Edition Will Be Unboxed In This Video


By the Force.

New SWTOR Details Revealed


The force is with this post. And also with you.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Signs of War Trailer


If you strike this video down, it will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

How Does the Bounty Hunter Stack Up Against the Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic? (VIDEO)


Whichever you choose, it sounds like you’ll be an ass-kicker.

Comment of the Week: I Don’t Know Much About Astronomy


But one of our readers sure does!

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Release Date Is Stupid

old republic characters

And here’s why.

It’s a Galaxy Map for The Old Republic!

swtor galaxy map

Yay galaxy map!

BioWare Says EA Doesn’t Tell Them What To Do


They are lying.

Bioware On Mass Effect MMO: “You Never Know”


This isn’t the same thing as saying that it’s on like a certain plumber-fights-gorilla game.

Old Republic Release Date Revealed: December 20, 2011



BioWare: Same Sex Matching A “Post-Launch Feature” In The Old Republic


It seems even a galaxy far far away can leave a long time ago and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

See Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Smuggler Progression (VIDEO)

old republic gunslinger thumb

Nothing clumsy or random about a blaster in the Smuggler’s hands.

Comment of the Week: F–k Star Wars


I agree!

Casey Hudson Confirms Drew Karpyshyn Isn’t Mass Effect 3 Lead Writer


EVERYBODY PANIC! Or, maybe not.

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