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GOG Adds Six New Star Wars Games


GOG has added six more Star Wars games to its digital catalog and will be releasing more later this week….

Good Old Reviews – Our Top 10 Star Wars Games


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published at The Escapist. When the first Star War video games hit arcades and…

Xbox Exclusive Minecraft Skin Pack Releases

MC Star Wars

Star Wars has made its Minecraft debut with a new Xbox exclusive content pack. The release of the new Star…

GOG Adding X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Other LucasArts Classics


UPDATE: now has a timer atop its home page that reads “NEW GAMING PUBLISHER COMING IN.” This timer is…

Fan Made X-Wing Simulator Brings The Battle of Endor to Oculus Rift


An independent developer has released a simulator for Oculus Rift recreating Return of the Jedi’s Battle of Endor. The simulator…

DICE Has “Creative Freedom” Over Star Wars: Battlefront


Outside of the core films themselves, some of the most memorable and successful Star Wars titles have been licensed video…

Uncharted Writer Joins Visceral Games Star Wars Project


Amy Hennig has joined Visceral Games to work on a new Star Wars project. Hennig, who will work as creative…

Let’s Geek Out Over Star Wars 1313 Concept Art & Boba Fett

Star Wars 1313 IGN 140x

Oh, Star Wars 1313. You were so full of promise, weren’t you? The first promising Star Wars game to come…

Why I Love VR Gaming: The Death Star Trench Run Oculus Rift Demo

Star Wars X-Wing 140x

I think I can retire from video games, pop culture, and the Internet after I play this fantastic new Oculus…

Oculus Rift and Star Wars: A Gamer’s Dream


The Oculus Rift took us to a galaxy far, far away…

9 Ridiculous Star Wars Games EA Should and Shouldn’t Make


There’s nothing like wild speculation to spruce up news of a licensing deal!