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One to Watch: Voxel-Based Crafting RPG PlanetsCube


Starbound in voxel-based 3D. If that sounds intriguing (hand raised and waving frantically), check out PlanetsCube. It’s the new project…

Welcome to Sector X: Chucklefish Details Starbound’s End Game


Even in early access beta form, Starbound is brimming with content. According to developer Chucklefish, it’s just the tip of…

Permadeath Mode, Character Wipe Hits Starbound Next Week


Permadeath mode is coming in the next Starbound update, a patch that will also mean the untimely death of our…

Indie Success Story: Starbound Tops 1 Million Copies Sold


Starbound is a sci-fi Terraria on steroids. It was released on December 4 and it’s still in early access beta,…

Starbound Named Top Indie of 2013 by IndieDB Readers


Game of the Year lists vary widely from journo to journo in 2013 — more so than any year in…

Starbound – Beta Beginner’s Guide


Take to the stars with Game Front.

Starbound RPG Beta Is GO!

Starbound Logo 140x

Procedurally-generated space RPG Starbound is now available on Steam, in beta form. The independently crowdfunded (meaning not through Kickstarter or…