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Payday 2: Diamond Heist – How to Solve the Vault Puzzle


Master the final challenge in The Diamond DLC for Payday 2.

Ubisoft Uses FOV Slider to Reveal Far Cry 4 Pirates


Ubisoft is outing pirates of Far Cry 4 using a novel method – a missing field-of-view (FOV) adjustment slider. The…

Starbreeze Surged to Profit on Payday 2′s Success


If only every major purchase decision was so clearly labeled… Starbreeze Studios first opened up shop in 1998 and over…

Starbreeze Studios Is Working On A Payday-Style Co-Op Space Shooter

Starbreeze Studios Logo 140x

Payday. In. Spaaaaaaace!

Payday 2 “Charlie Santa Heist” Holiday DLC Out Now

Payday 2 Holiday DLC 140x

Payday 2 players have some new DLC in their stockings this week. The Charlie Santa Heist brings a whole sack…

Payday 2 Is Coming For Your Loot


Overkill Software returns to their cult-hit for more crime-heavy action.

Josef Fares’ P13 Will Be Downloadable In 2013



Starbreeze Studios Announces New F2P Shooter “Cold Mercury”


If you don’t have a fever, you win.

Starbreeze Slipped A Job Recruitment Pitch Aimed At Pirates Into Syndicate


Very clever boys. *Slow claps.*

Syndicate Review (PC)

Syndicate three

If only the story lived up to the setting and gameplay.

EA Confirms No Online Pass for Syndicate (Because Co-op is Half the Game)


Ooohhh, so they couldn’t lock it up without triggering MASSIVE OUTRAGE.

Starbreeze On Syndicate: “There’s No Easy Difficulty.”


Shades of Dark Souls!

Syndicate – Announcement Trailer


Prepare to suddenly want to play this game very, very badly.