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StarCraft 2 Mod Provides Adorable Zergs and Zealots

StarCrafts Mod Zerglings

StarCraft 2 is an immensely popular RTS game from Blizzard Entertainment. StarCrafts is a charming YouTube animated series that uses…

See the Starcraft 2 Red Bull Battle Grounds Tournament Live Here


Watch live video from redbullesports on The Red Bull Battle Grounds Starcraft 2 tournament will finally crown a winner…

Rob Pardo Resigns as Blizzard’s CCO


Rob Pardo of Blizzard Entertainment announced his resignation today as Chief Creative Officer. Pardo has been with Blizzard for the…

BlizzCon 2014 Tickets on Sale Tonight


Tickets for BlizzCon 2014 will go on sale starting tonight (Wednesday) at 7pm PST for a cool $200. This year,…

Latest StarCraft 2 Patch Opens Arcade to Free Players


StarCraft 2 Patch 2.1 has arrived, and it’s as big as a Zerg Leviathan. Most notably, Blizzard continues to make…

Blizzard Extends Black Friday Deals Through Jan. 1


At this rate, we’re going to have to change the name to Black Month. Not that I’m complaining. Sites like…

Blizzard Details StarCraft 2 WCS 2014

Blizzard StarCraft WCS 2014 140x

The 2013 WCS ended to much fanfare at BlizzCon 2013 a few weeks back, with sOs beating fellow Korean Jaedong…

State on StarCraft: “State” Takes BlizzCon 2013 by Storm


Pro StarCraft 2 player Ryan “State” Visbeck is on the scene at BlizzCon 2013!

I Love Artillery Games HTML5 Gaming Platform, Project Atlas RTS

Artillery Games Logo 140x

The days of downloading pesky browser game plugins are over…if Artillery Games has its way, that is. Artillery took the…

Incoming Transmission: Third-Person StarCraft Mod Kickstarted

starcraft universe chronicles

The good news is StarCraft Universe, the mod that transforms Blizzard’s top-down RTS into a third-person multiplayer raider, hit its…

State on StarCraft: Four Foreigners That Can Win MLG


Pro StarCraft 2 player Ryan “State” Visbeck lists four foreigners who can win MLG

Starcraft 2 Spawning Lets You Play Without Owning the Game


You can ‘spawn up’ to someone who owns the game and play with them for free.

Hello! I Am ‘State,’ Pro StarCraft 2 Player. How Can I Help You?


Introducing a new column on Game Front by Ryan “State” Visbeck, pro StarCraft 2 player.

Happy 15th Birthday, StarCraft


Blow out those candles, Blizzard.

Win Heart of the Swarm: CE During Our Livestream Today! (2 p.m. PDT)

kerrigan again

Get in on the ground floor with our StarCraft 2 expert, CJ Miozzi.

Can’t Play SC2: Heart of the Swarm? Here’s a Troubleshooting FAQ


Got some technical problems? We’re looking into it for you.

PETA Reminds Us To Be Kind to Zerglings


With the launch of Heart of the Swarm, PETA shares a friendly reminder to be kind to Zerglings.

StarCraft 2 Discount Leading Up To Heart of the Swarm Release


The base game, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, is currently on discount.

Listen to Game Front’s Ultimate Game Music Playlist on Spotify

ultimate game music playlist thumb

We made some playlists we think you might enjoy. Check ‘em out and add your own favorite tracks.

BlizzCon 2013 Dates Announced: Nov 8-9


What will they announce this year?

Starcraft 2 Update Adds New Interface, Multiplayer Functionality


Starcraft 2 has been updated ahead of the expansion’s release to bring the game up to speed with new features.

Heart of the Swarm Featured in Major League Gaming Winter Season


$100,000 up for grabs.

StarCraft 2 Global Play Stealth-Launched?


NA can play on EU, and vice versa.

Is David Cage Right About Gamers Being to Blame for Sequels?


I submit that he is not.

Why MMO PvP is Awful & 4 Ways to Make It Fun


Nothing makes MMO players quite as frustrated as fighting other people

Unhappy With Your Starcraft 2 Name? You Can Now Change It For Free


If you’re unhappy with the name you have, you can now change your name in Starcraft 2 for free.

Hands-On: Steelseries’ New, Deliciously-Priced Apex Keyboards & Flux Earbuds


They look awesome, and they won’t cost you $1 million.

StarCraft 2 Pro Player Jaedong Joins Evil Geniuses


The Tyrant cometh.

Quantic eSports Team Disbands


Not because of drama, according to CEO.

Blizzard Boss Rules Out Starcraft F2P


In case you were wondering.

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