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How To Edit Terrain In StarCraft 2 Editor


In the third installment of our ongoing StarCraft 2 modding guides, we’ll show you nuts and some of the bolts of the Terrain Editor.

How To Create A StarCraft 2 Custom Unit


Learn the basics of creating your own Starcraft 2 unit with this step-by-step guide.

Starcraft 2 Feats


Some extra-special Starcraft 2 plaudits, unlocked by performing certain idiosyncratic tactics. Find out which ones.

Starcraft 2 Co-op Achievements


Join with a friend and smash the Starcraft 2 A.I. Earn achievements. Quaff celebratory libations.

Starcraft 2 Custom Game Achievements


Custom Game Achievements. Customizably righteous!

How to Make a StarCraft 2 Map


Check out our beginner’s guide for creating your own custom StarCraft II maps!

Blizzard’s Arbitrary Content Policy Isn’t So Arbitrary, But Their Response Time Is


The deletion of Ultimate Tank Defence really angered StarCraft II’s Custom Maps community. Turns out, they had a good reason for it. They sure could’ve told us what it was a little sooner, though.

Starcraft II Secret Mission


We reveal how to unlock the secret Starcraft II campaign mission!

Millions of People Were in a Big Hurry To Play Starcraft II


A million and a half, to be specific.

Blizzard Adds Soap-In-Mouth, High School Politics DLC to StarCraft II


Banning mild swearing and making everyone feel like 9th grade gym class might give Blizzard a sweet nostalgia high, but it’s not the best way to optimize the player experience.

Starcraft II Quick Match Achievements


The full list of Quick Match achievements! Get the most out of pwning random strangers on!

Starcraft II Exploration Achievements


Full list of Exploration Achievements for StarCraft II! Some really cool Character Portraits to unlock with these!

Starcraft II Combat Achievements


Study up on Starcraft II’s Combat Acheivements — All the Achievements available in Melee and League games

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Cheat Codes


There’s a lot new about Starcraft II, but some things never change. Check out these old-school Cheat Codes!

StarCraft II Melting PCs – Fix It, Quick!


Blizzard has confirmed StarCraft II can overheat PCs – but there’s an easy fix to the problem.

Some Dirty Starcraft II Pirates Infecting Themselves With Malware


If only the pirated software would just kill them, instead.

Starcraft II Review


We’ve been depriving ourselves of sleep to play Starcraft II, and now we’ve got our review for your reading enjoyment. Here’s a hint: It’s DAMN good.

Geoff iNcontrol Robinson Tells You How To Game Better


Hint: it involves not being a fat-ass.

StarCraft 2 Mods FTW


In honor of StarCraft 2 day, here are some absolutely bombtastic SCII mods to make waiting for that enormous 7GB download to finish a little more bearable.

StarCraft II Campaign Achievements


Achievements: now for everyone! As part of its big re-launch, StarCraft II will ship with hundreds of achievements. Check our our comprehensive list!

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough


Blaze through the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Campaign with the help of our infinitesimally detailed walkthrough. Your enemies will cower in fear.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Cheats


Your Starcraft II Command Center. All the information necessary to get a leg up on the competition!

Analyzer Person Says Starcraft II Should Roll In A Lot of Bank


Like $350 million in bank this year. Maybe

Starcraft II Cost Some Amount of Money Other than $100 Million to Produce


The Wall Street Journal said it cost $100 million, and they were incorrect.

Preload the Hell Out of Starcraft II Today


You won’t be able to play Starcraft II until the 27th, sure, but you can now partake, sort of, in…

ESRB Reveals EMail Addresses of RealID Complaint Filers

That sound you just heard was a large ‘Oops!’ emanating from the ESRB. It seems that a large number of…

¡Check Out Esta Modificacion Fanta¡stica De Starcraft!


While working on a StarCraft II related post, we came across this old-but-still-awesome news that, with the impending release of…

Blizzard Cancels Implementation of RealID on Forums

In response to the uproar over forcing forum posters to use their real names on Blizzard forums (and all the…

Why Blizzard’s ‘Real ID’ is a Really Bad Idea


So by now, you have to have heard about Blizzard’s plan to use their ‘Real ID’ system to display the…

StarCraft II Copy Leaked, Opened, Beautiful

StarCraft II copies are already sneaking into the hands of mouth-breathing nerds, at least overseas. A video posted on the…

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