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GF Podcast 34: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Yogsventures

borderlands presequel 2 thumb

The latest GameFront Podcast discusses our recent Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel preview, whatever the deal is with Yogsventures, Early Access on consoles, and more.

The Evil Within Release Bumped Up, Quake Live Coming to Steam

evil within preview thumb

October will see an overload of big game releases, but at least one — The Evil Within — will hit…

Valve Launches Virtual Reality User Interface for Steam


Soon we’ll all be able to see just how many games are stacked up in our Steam backlog in virtual…

Valve Releasing VR Software Dev Kit


The virtual reality train is set to arrive in 2014, and to help make sure it arrives in station laden…

Act Now, Final Hours of Steam Holiday Sale


You’ve got until 2 p.m. Eastern today to save big bucks on some of the very best games of the…

Valve: Beta Steam Machines Ship Tomorrow

Three hundred lucky PC gamers are getting an amazing early Christmas gift. In a post on the Steam OS Community…

Go PC Gaming! Steam Tops 7.1 Million Concurrent Users


You might think that, with the arrival of two new consoles, Steam might have taken a bit of a hit…

iBuyPower Shows Off Steam Machine Prototype


Valve’s in-development Steam Machines will come in different shapes and sizes. The folks at iBuyPower are ready to share what…

Valve Shares Some Steam In-home Streaming Details

The Steam in-home streaming beta is now accepting applicants, and Valve is sharing some details on what participants can expect….

Half-Life 1 Turns 15, So Watch Mitch Play HL2 Today At 1 PM

half-life thumb

With the 15th anniversary of Half-Life happening today, we half-expected1 Valve to finally stop trolling the Internet and get around…

Steam Finally Adds Background Downloading


I actually still do this, even after years and years of PC gaming on Steam: purchase and begin downloading a…

Game Front Podcast #2: Valve, Women In GTA And The Rest Of 2013


Thrill to how wrong we were about what Valve had planned for its third announcement.

Gabe Newell Discusses the Business of Valve (VIDEO)

gabe newell lecture thumb

Get a little insight into the inner workings of Valve in this lecture.

CES 2013: Xi3 is Building PC Hardware for Valve


Is this the “Steam Box?”

Valve: No, Seriously, There is No Valve ARG for Half-Life 3


So let it go already.

Pranksters Turn NYC Sculpture Into Weighted Companion Cube

portal companion cube prank thumb

This is awesome.

Steam Forums Down After Hackers Reportedly Hijack Them

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It seems Valve has pulled down its forums after some kind of incursion.

Trade Digital Crap for Other Digital Crap in Steam Trading Beta

steam thumb

Suddenly those crappy games your friends gifted you have bartering potential.

Portal 2 Smash TV Achievement/Trophy Guide

portal 2 test chamber thumb

See how to smash all 11 test chamber monitors with our handy video!

Portal 2 Cave Johnson Quotes

jk-simmons thumb

All the incredible words of wisdom of Aperture Science Founder and CEO Cave Johnson, video gaming’s new best character ever.

Portal 2 Personality Spheres Quotes

portal 2 spheres thumb

Take a listen to about 15 minutes of hilarious Portal 2 personality sphere dialog.

Portal 2 Steam Robot Enrichment Items

portal 2 steam skins thumb

Deck out Atlas and P-Body so they can test for the good of Aperture Science in style.

Portal 2 Dev Console Cheats

portal 2 thumb

Tap into the developer’s console and remake Portal 2 in your own image. Or at least turn on God mode.

Steam on PS3 Features Cloud Saving, Friends List

portal 2 thumb

All the details on how Steam on PS3 will work.

Steam Guard Goes Live for All Users


Don’t expect me to be handing out my password anytime soon, Gabe.

Portal 2 Allows PC & PS3 Modders to Share

portal 2 thumb

Thanks to Steamworks mods can port to either platform.