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Star Swarm Demo Available for Download on Steam


And I thought that 3,000-player dust up that caused an estimated $300,000 worth of spaceship destruction in Eve Online this…

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Cheats


Octodad knows best.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Walkthrough


Nobody suspects Octodad. Keep it that way with our video guide.

Safe to Survive: Patches Greatly Improve DayZ Early Access


I’ve read somewhere that the victim of a well-aimed sniper round is dead before they hear the gunshot. Evidently, the…

Rewrite History with Dota 2′s New Replay Takeover Mode

Post-match discussions on how battles are won or lost — a skill shot landed (or missed), a life-saving ability cast…

RUMOR: Alleged Left 4 Dead 3 Slides Leak Online

Left 4 Dead 3 Powerpoint 140x

An alleged screenshot from a confidential Valve Powerpoint presentation leaked on NeoGAF today, and the images show Left 4 Dead…

The Debut 9 Bundle Shines Light On Six New Developers


So new, they’ve never made a game before!

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition Coming to Steam Feb. 27


I love me some Resident Evil 4 like a villager infected with Las Plagas loves violent murder. If you’re of…

Online Multiplayer Coming Soon to Project Zomboid


You’re going to die in Project Zomboid, there’s no two ways around it. Soon, though, you’ll be able to go…

Try Before You Buy: Blackguards Gets Free Demo on Steam


With Pillars of Eternity on the horizon, I’ve been jonesing to play a new old-school fantasy RPG. Looks like Blackguards…

Move Over DayZ, Rust Takes Steam’s Top Spot


UPDATE: Garry Newman has informed Twitter that the 40 percent figure in the GI story has now jumped to 55…

Company of Heroes 2, Saints Row IV Get Free Weekend on Steam


If the somewhat mixed reviews, not to mention the outright ban in Russia, stopped you from pulling the trigger on…

UPDATE: Valve Has No Plans to Ship its Own VR Tech


UPDATE: Yes, Valve did show off it’s own virtual reality headset at yesterday’s Steam Dev Days Conference, and yes, the…

Valve Wants ALL The Media In SteamOS Before Retail Release

Valve SteamOS 140x

Netflix and Gordon Freeman, TOGETHER AGAIN…or something like that.

Game Front’s Early Access Review Policy: Yes, We Have One


The rise of “Early Access” — games released in unfinished states during their development, which players can purchase, play and…

Valve Overhauling Steam Controller Design

steam controller v2

The Steam Controller as it has existed thus far is an odd-as-hell thing to look at, and when I examined…

Steam Greenlight Will Not Last Forever, Gabe Says

steam greenlight thumb

Despite Steam Dev Days not being open to press, we get all the details anyway thanks to folks livetweeting so…

Nidhogg Review: A Duelist’s Dream


Nidhogg’s deceptively simple fencing mechanics and online matchmaking make it a cut above most other multiplayer focused indie games

Steam Up To 75 Million Users


Last week at CES, somebody asked Gabe Newell about Steam Machines competing with the new consoles, which had historically spectacular…

The Banner Saga Walkthrough


Join the caravan and grow a great norse beard in our screenshot-infused walkthrough for The Banner Saga.

The Banner Saga Cheats


Wave your freak flag high.

Valve Launches Virtual Reality User Interface for Steam


Soon we’ll all be able to see just how many games are stacked up in our Steam backlog in virtual…

The Broken Age Cheats


Put the pieces of The Broken Age back together with our list of secrets, extras, and guides.

Mitch Demonstrates New Fencing Game Nidhogg (VIDEO)


An odd and seemingly unheralded fencing game called Nidhogg appeared on the Steam store this morning, and the community of…

Torchlight 2 Gets Free Weekend on Steam


If you’re an action-RPG fan and you haven’t picked up Runic Games’ terrific Torchlight 2 yet, you no longer have…

Valve Releasing VR Software Dev Kit


The virtual reality train is set to arrive in 2014, and to help make sure it arrives in station laden…



Get a handle on the choices and consequences of CONSORTIUM.

CONSORTIUM Achievements


Consort with the full list of achievements for the Kickstarted indie on Steam.

CONSORTIUM Walkthrough


Fly high in the sky with Game Front’s screenshot-filled tour of CONSORTIUM.

Steam’s Parental Controls Now Available for All Users


Valve has announced today that Steam’s Family Options — not to be confused with Family Sharing, which is still in…

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