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Stanley Parable: Secret Console Commands [Easter Eggs]


Check out some hilariously hidden console commands in The Stanley parable.

ARPG Goodness: Path of Exile Launches on Steam Today


Diablo 3 not dark or deep enough for you? Me neither. Thankfully, there’s Path of Exile, an action-RPG that takes…

Eldritch (Indie Game) Survival Guide & Walkthrough


Adventures in non-euclidean geometry.

Report: Dark Matter Dev Has Laid Off Majority Of Staff


Things continue to go south for InterWave Studios, the developer behind Dark Matter. After suffering the setback of a failed…

Lone Survivor Director’s Cut Gets Halloween PC Launch


Lone Survivor, the brilliant 2012 indie horror survival sim, delivers a big, emotional experience in its small, under-five-hour package. And…

We’ve Discovered The Very First Steam Machine Ad (GRAPHIC)


When Valve trolled the whole internet with the reveal of the Steam Machine, the smart assumption was that the company…

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies Taxies to Runway


Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol flew under my radar. Zing! Awful puns aside, I’m always on the lookout for a good…

Indie Game Ends Abruptly Because Devs Ran Out of Cash


Open door, hit end screen.

Batman Breaks Free of GFWL, Gets Huge Steam Weekend


With Batman: Arkham Origins set to swoop in next week (October 25), this weekend is a great time to revisit…

Don’t Sleep On ARPG / Zombie Survival Sim How to Survive


There were plenty of zombies at E3 in June, with the filthy undead buggers shambling all over a number of…

Spacebase DF-9 Early Access Hits Steam


One of the more promising ideas to come out of Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight prototyping marathon in 2012 was space…

In-Home Streaming Hits Steam Beta


I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: I’m not interested in a Steam Machine. At least not in the…

The Stanley Parable – Endings Guide & Walkthrough


Don’t do what you’re told.

Upgrade to the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut


Before we boldly journey into the new Deus Ex Universe, Eidos Montreal wants to take us on a return trip…

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Adds WATCH Menu & GOTV Theater

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Logo 140x

  Valve wants Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be an eSports juggernaut like DOTA 2, and today’s game update puts the…

Video: The Steam Controller In Action

Steam Controller 140x

Valve has released a video of the new, shiny, fancy Steam Controller in action. Several games are demoed in the…

Utter Nonsense: The Stanley Parable Demo Now Live


The MLB playoffs are shaping up nicely, but Brainiac’s nefarious scheming will be the downfall of the Justice League. Let…

Arma 3 Campaign Begins on Halloween


We did our best to start reviewing Arma 3 last month, but it’s impossible to pin a score on the…

Confirmed — Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Coming to PC


Look at you, Namco Bandai, giving the PC all this love. After fans convinced the console-centric publisher to ship a…

Valve Announces Steam Developer Days Conference


Valve will be sending out its 300 SteamOS-powered Steam Machine prototypes to beta testers soon, so we should expect the…

Civ V or Mafia 2? Yours Free for Golden Joystick Vote


“If it’s free it’s for me.” That was one of Nana Sharkey’s most oft-repeated catch phrases and a good indication…

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Coming to Steam, Too


Because PC gamers want to play as a cyborg ninja with mecha arms and hack the limbs off of zombies,…

Trolled: Half-Life 3 Trademark Filing a Fake


If it seemed odd that Valve would file a trademark for Half-Life 3 in Europe, that’s because they didn’t. Last…

Valve Pays Counter Strike Mappers $180k During Operation Payback

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Logo 140x

Valve is shelling out serious cash to CSGO mapmakers.

Forced Out, But Forging Ahead – The Incredible Story of BetaDwarf

Betadwarf 012

Every game developer has its origin story. But how many involve working for seven months out of a university classroom without permission?

Valve Details Steam Box Prototype Specs


High-end, high-performance.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gets Steam Free Weekend


The XCOM: Enemy Within expansion is set for release in just over a month (Nov. 12), making now a terrific…

Not On Steam Sale: Go Buy Some Steam-less Indie Games!

Not On Steam Logo 140x

Looking for cool indie games that aren’t on Steam? Then NotOnSteam is your new Mecca.

Two Half-Life 3 Dev Teams Spotted In Valve Database

Sad Gordon Freeman Half-Life 2 140x

More Half-Life 3 News Because We Are All Pawns in Valve’s Game

Valve Files For Half-Life 3 Trademark in Europe; France Surrenders

Half-Life 3 Logo 140x

MATINEE NEWSREEL: Valve just trademarked Half-Life 3 in Europe. Is there any stopping this behemoth juggernaut of war? FDR weighs in.

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