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New Super Mario Bros. Glitch Discovered After 30 Years

Hearthstone Cheating

A new glitch has been uncovered in Super Mario Bros that gifts players with unlimited 1ups. The glitch in question…

Full Screen Mario Taken Down by Nintendo


To be fair, it was very clear copyright infringement.

Retro Chalk Art, Mario and Bubble Bobble Style


Two retro titles get chalk art’d.

“Art of Video Games” Exhibition Feb-May 2013


80 video games from 20 gaming systems will be featured.

OSU Marching Band’s Tribute To Gaming Is Awesome

zeldapuppet thumb

It really is,

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Hates Video Games


Because it wouldn’t be 2011 without someone complaining about them.

Awesome. A Mario Bros. Flash Mob Descended On Austin



Get 23 Tracks of the London Philharmonic Playing Video Game Music for $2.99

uncharted 3 thumb

Classical video game music from lots of modern favorites. Go buy it.

Yep. Princess Peach Pinup.


WARNING: Creepy sexy painting of a creepy hot Princess Peach inside. (Mildly NSFW)

Mario World 1-1 Appears on the Side of a Building and it’s Made Entirely of Post-Its

Post its 20-12-2011

Which pipe did Mario take to get to Seattle?

Awesome Gaming T-Shirts You Can Buy (and a Few You Can’t)

isaac rorschach tee 1 thumb

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best t-shirts in gaming, many of which are available right now, and a few that are a little more rare.

If Video Game Characters Had To Find Real Jobs


It isn’t easy bringing home the bacon once the quest is over. We show you how five classic characters pull it off.

For Labor Day: The 5 Hardest Working Video Game Characters


We break down a who’s who of gaming characters who really deserve a holiday in their honor.

The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program Is Live Right Now


Still not sure how to get your free games? We’ll walk you through it.

These Are the Free NES Games the 3DS Ambassadors Will Get


This is an intriguing list.

How Super Mario Bros. Should Have Ended


This actually makes a lot more sense.

Check Out These Gender-Inverted Super Mario Bros. Characters


Super Maria Sisters!

Super iam8bit Showcases Game-Inspired Art Tonight in Los Angeles (PICS)

mega mario thumb

Art for nerds.

The GameFront Top 10 Classic Video Game Theme Songs (Video)


You’ll be all doo doo doo doo doodoo, doo doo doo doo dooooo dooooo…

OK, Seriously, Grand Theft Auto Did Not Cause The London Riots


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.

Nintendo 3DS NES Games Will Be Multiplayer


This almost makes up for the price downgrade thing!

You Died — The Top 20 Game Over Screens Ever (VIDEOS)

top 10 game overs thumb

Failure, immortalized in video form.

Mario Money, Mario Problems


Click to see a Mario-ified US Dollar in all its glory.

Don’t Go in the Water in the Mushroom Kingdom, Shirt Shows (PIC)

threadless bowser jaws shirt thumb

It’s cooler than that thumbnail.

Huge Game Library Means This Kid Will Grow Up, Stay a Virgin Forever (PIC)

every game kid thumb

Would you leave that room if you didn’t have to? Sunlight and human contact are overrated.

Game Fronter’s Video Game Tattoo May Be Best Ever (PIC)

ross's tat thumb

It’s pretty cool.

Watch The Lowest Scoring No-Die Super Mario Bros. Run Ever (Video)


You have to really make an effort to succeed this poorly!

Artist Re-Imagines Mario Enemies 2000% Scarier

spiny 2

All of a sudden the Mushroom Kingdom isn’t as cheerful as we thought.

Rumor: New IP Will Accompany Wii 2


And supposedly, the game will be shown off at E3.

Watch This Super Mario Themed Wedding Proposal (Video)

Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 1.01.09 PM

Watch this super boyfriend bring Mario Sunshine to his SMB-loving girlfriend finacee.

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