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Sony Didn’t Go With 3D Vita Because They Wanted Tilt Controls More

wipeout vita

Eh, OK. Tilt controls are overrated.

The Nintendo 3DS Has the “Black Screen of Death”

black screen of deah

I made that title up, but I’m sure I’m not the first to call it that.

3DS Launch Titles At a Glance

3ds thumb

Just in case you don’t know.

Angry Birds Coming to Windows Phone 7

windows thumb

Along with a bunch of other games, and Fable Coin Golf due next month.

No Download Store, DSi Support for 3DS at Launch

3ds mayamoto

You’ll also have to use that ludicrous friend code system we loved so much on the Wii, although it’s not quite so grueling or stupid on 3DS.

Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS) Trailer


Check out some of the new game modes and watch the monkeys go bananas!