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Enough With the Audio Logs: How Collectible Diaries Shortchange Story

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Your first stumbling steps into Rapture aren’t just frightening — though they are, given that you’ve just witnessed a murder…

The Top 5 PC Games of the 90s


Last week we brought you the Worst Games of the 90s, and this week, we’re going to counterpoint that with…

Freebies, Ridiculous Deals in’s Fall Insomnia Sale


Deals so good, you won’t want to fall asleep. That’s how is pitching its latest DRM-free promo, the Fall…

What’s the Scariest Game Ever? Win a $10 Game From!

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Tell us your scariest game ever and you could win a code from!

System Shock 2 Modding Guide


We’ll set you up with more mods than you can shake a stick at in System Shock 2.

Examining What Makes System Shock 2 So Frightening

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With System Shock 2 now available on Steam and GoG, we analyze the horror elements of one of the creepiest FPS titles ever.

System Shock 2, Daikatana Hit GOG


Includes “a fantastic archive of System Shock 2 assets.”

Thief 2 & System Shock 2 Unofficial Patches Fix Bugs, Add Widescreen Support


It’s not too late; never too late.