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Evolution Postponed: Evolve Delayed to 2015


Yet another game intended for an October release has been pushed back to a later date. In Take-Two Interactive’s fiscal…

GTA 5 Review: Damn it Feels Good (& Bad) to Be a Gangsta


When you finally reach the end of Grand Theft Auto V, you’ll find yourself doing something you almost never do…

WWE 2K14 to Feature Classic Hour-Long Michaels vs. Hart Match

wwe 2k14 thumb

Yes, you’ll play through the hour-long match. No, it probably won’t actually take you an hour (or force you to repeat it if you mess up).

Borderlands 2 Gets an 8-Bit Top-Down Demake

borderlands 2 demake thumb

Remember when video games were all like this? That kinda sucked, huh.

Borderlands 2 has Gone Gold, Says Pitchford

borderlands 2 4 thumb

Borderlands 2 is imminent.

Rockstar San Diego Reportedly Helping With GTA V


But of course this clarifies exactly nothing.

GTA V To Sell 15m At Launch, Says Analyst Just Making Stuff Up


Yep, more GTA V speculation. Because YOU DEMANDED IT.

Max Payne 3 Ships 3 Million Copies, but PC Launch is Pushed to June 1

max payne 3 pc 2 little thumb

You’ll have to wait three more days to control Max with a mouse and keyboard.

Take Two Wants To Borrow $200 Million


Everything’s thinking ‘acquisition’, but I bet they want to open a Civilization theme park.

Irrational Games Wants To Send Someone To E3


The BioShock Infinite devs are having a little contest. The winner gets a free trip to LA and 3 days with the nerdiest people on earth.

LA Noire Achievements

la noire achievements thumb

This list suggests some good times in old Los Angeles.

L.A. Noire Trailer, Release Date Leaked (VIDEO)

la noire 2

An accidentally published YouTube video gives us some new info into one of 2011′s most anticipated games.