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Evolve Gets Fourth Monster, Preorder Deal, And Tons Of DLC

Evolve Behemoth

Evolve’s monster hunting gameplay was already shaping up to be a blast, and it looks like it’s about to get…

New-Gen Grand Theft Auto 5 is Fun, But You Might Want to Wait for PC

gta 5 playstation 4 still no heists tho thumb

On Nov. 18, Grand Theft Auto 5 was released on the new generation of video game consoles. Perhaps I’m naive,…

Take-Two President Condemns Grand Theft Auto 5 Retailer Ban


Take-Two president Karl Slatoff has condemned a decision by Australian retailers to pull Grand Theft Auto 5 from their shelves….

Take-Two Renews Agent Trademark


Take-Two has renewed its trademark or the unreleased PS3 spy game Agent. The trademark extension was confirmed by documents from…

Irrational’s Closing Highlights How Cult of Personality Hurts Developers

irrational games thumb

Irrational Games was a prestige studio for Take-Two Interactive, and its closing shows the value of single big-name developers over the teams that assist them.

GTA 5 Ships 32.5 Million


Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive announced today that since it launched in September the company has shipped 32.5 million…

Take-Two Earnings: GTA 5 Passes 29 Million Copies Sold

Grand Theft Auto V Logo Money 140x

Take-Two Interactive reported its Q2 FY2014 earnings today, and it’s all good news for the Rockstar Games and Grand Theft…

Report: “Majority” Of 2K Marin Staff Laid Off

2K Games Logo 140x

The studio behind Bioshock 2 and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified sees massive layoffs.

Rapper Daz Dillinger Says Rockstar Stole His Music For GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 Logo Vertical 140x

…more like Grand Theft Audio, am I right everyone? Right? Hello?

Twitch Nets $20 Million In Funding From Take-Two, Others

Twitch TV Logo 140x

One of the biggest streaming sites on the Web is $20 million richer.

GTA 5 Review: Damn it Feels Good (& Bad) to Be a Gangsta


When you finally reach the end of Grand Theft Auto V, you’ll find yourself doing something you almost never do…

GTA 5: $1 Billion in Three Days; PC Petition Now 496,000 Strong

Grand Theft Auto V Logo Money 140x

The Grand Theft Auto 5 news keeps coming and coming, and it’s good news on two fronts today. Take-Two Interactive…

GTA V Leaks Everywhere, Rockstar Dropping Banhammer

Grand Theft Auto V Trio 140x

Grand Theft Auto V reviews are starting to appear online, and there are plenty of unauthorized leaks to go with…

Take-Two Q3 Investor Call: Yeah, They’re Rich


They’re really rich.

Friday Flame Wars: GTA V Delay A Government Conspiracy!


Was it a conspiracy?!?

Ken Levine Announces BioShock Infinite Reversible Cover

bioshock infinite devils kiss thumb

Well duh.

Ken Levine: 2 Games Worth Of Content Cut From Infinite


He means 40 DLC packs worth. Wait, maybe not?!?

San Andreas Finally Hits PSN Dec 11



Take-Two Explains Why GTA Hasn’t Been Iterated To Death


Good for them.

BioShock Infinite Miraculously Won’t Be Ruined By Multiplayer



Rockstar Confirms GTA V For Spring 2013 Release


Yep, Spring, 2013.

GTA V Release Window Leaked, Probably


Looks like it’s early next year.

The Art of Bioshock Infinite Coming In February


And it’s getting a shiny hardcover version.

New Screenshots, But Still No GTA V Release Date


Thanks for teasing us, Rockstar.

2 Key Bioshock Infinite Dev Team Members Quit Irrational Games


This might not be a ruh roh moment, however.

Rockstar Begins The GTA V Rock-Teasing In Earnest


Yeah. Of course they did.

Take-Two Investor Call: Less Money, Still No GTA V Release Date


This is getting seriously old.

Schilling Continues To Blame Rhode Island For 38′s Collapse


But he still says nothing substantial about the spectacular collapse of his company.

2 New GTA V Screenshots, Still No Release Date


Deity. Copulation. Eternal Punishment. Excrement. Exclamation point.

Rockstar San Diego Reportedly Helping With GTA V


But of course this clarifies exactly nothing.

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