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Did Rockstar Slip GTA V Images Into Max Payne 3 Multiplayer?


It looks like!

GTA V To Sell 15m At Launch, Says Analyst Just Making Stuff Up


Yep, more GTA V speculation. Because YOU DEMANDED IT.

Take-Two Financial Predictions All But Confirm GTA V In 2012


They’re just messing with us now.

Max Payne 3 Ships 3 Million Copies, but PC Launch is Pushed to June 1

max payne 3 pc 2 little thumb

You’ll have to wait three more days to control Max with a mouse and keyboard.

XCOM Delayed To 2013


Yep. GTA V.

XCOM: Unknown Enemy is Coming in October

xcom enemy unknown thumb

Hey, at least one XCOM game is still coming this year.

Take-Two ‘Skeptical’ Of COD Elite


Sounds like they chose to use “skeptical” instead of a word that rhymes with pull-shift.

NBA 2K12 Cover Art Revealed


Featuring Jordan, Magic, and Bird.

Irrational Games Wants To Send Someone To E3


The BioShock Infinite devs are having a little contest. The winner gets a free trip to LA and 3 days with the nerdiest people on earth.

Civilization V For Mac Is Coming In 2010


OH Hell Yes. Now I don’t have to re-appropriate space for a dual boot!

Enormous Modding Guide For Civilization V Released


Barely a week after V’s release, the creator of the acclaimed Fall From Heaven has put out a truly epic guide for modding the latest installment of the Civilization series.

How To Install and Run GTA IV Mods


Just like it says on the box: We’ll show you how to install and run GTA IV mods. Also, we’ll share some of our favorites with you. It’s like Christmas in July, only in September.

A ‘Gravity Gun’ Mod For GTA IV

Gravity Gun

Technically it’s more of a “magnetic catapult”, but Gravity Gun just sounds cooler.

Resident Evil IV Mod: The Zombie Apocalypse GTA IV


This mod takes the GTA series to its logical conclusion: Forget plot, just kill every single thing you can. Plus zombies.

Max Payne 3 Gets Bumped

Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 had been set for release sometime in Take-Two’s fourth quarter in fiscal year 2010, which ends…

Red Dead Redemption Robbed a Lot of Banks

Take-Two Interactive today released a pile of financial data for Q2 FY 2010, and one of the big bits that…

Take-Two Sues 3D Realms Over Duke Nukem Forever

I just knew some litigation was going to come of this. It looks as though Duke Nukem Forever publisher Take-Two…

Duke Nukem Forever Assets Leaked

While we mourn the loss of 3D Realms as well as the joke formerly known as Duke Nukem Forever, it…

Columnist Targets Violent Videogames for Promoting Acceptance of Torture

Just a minute, I’ve got to adjust my soapbox before I talk about comparing playing violent videogames with accepting torture….

The Open File: Files from the Front December 12, 2008

After a renewed start we had an interruption these last few weeks but rest assured Filefront is still hosting and…

EA’s Spore SecuROM Targeted as Whole in New Class-Action Suit

Electronic Arts is being targeted by another class-action law suit over the DRM included with Spore, SecuROM. This time, California…

Nancy Drew to Investigate The White Wolf of Icicle Creek on Wii

Nancy Drew makes her debut on consoles with the HER Interactive title Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek….

The Open File: Many Happy Returns – Files from the Front – November 24, 2008

The Open File, Gaming Today’s feature piece on the news and interests of the FileFront network of file sites returns…

Take-Two's Strauss Zelnick Added to Mad Money's Wall of Shame

While Take-Two Chairman, Strauss Zelnick, may be the king of Men’s Fitness right now, there’s one place where he’s not…

Take-Two's Strauss Zelnick Graces the Cover of Men's Fitness

I think just a decade ago, if you told someone that a video game executive would one day be on…

Swing Away in MLB Stickball on XBLA This Wednesday

Both the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers have already been knocked out of the 2008 MLB playoffs, and the season…

Rumor EA Plays Hard Ball, Walks Out On Take-Two Negotiations

Rumors are flying surrounding EA and Take-Two negotiations. After all the time EA spent stalking T2 in an attempt at…

EA and Take-Two Negotiating Behind Closed Doors

It’s unclear if the FTC’s now closed investigation was the only thing holding EA and Take-Two back from entering into…

Somewhat Disappointing Rumor: GTA IV DLC Will Last 15 Hours

The latest rumor concerning GTA IV’s upcoming DLC says that the first batch of new content will add 15 hours…

Does It Actually Matter if Kids Buy M Rated Videogames

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