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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Now Available for Digital Pre-Orders

xcom enemy unknown thumb

More pre-orders mean more rewards.

Steam Greenlight Adds Fee to Weed Out the Rabble

steam greenlight thumb

If you want your game on the service, it’ll cost you $100 (which goes directly to charity).

Steam Greenlight Has 30 Games Waiting for Your Feedback

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Voting on which games are available on Steam is now a thing.

You Can Play Team Fortress 2′s Mann vs. Machine Mode Now

team fortress 2 mann vs machine 2 thumb

For free or with a pay mode that gives you extra stuff.

Valve Opens Beta for Its Steam Community Update

steam thumb

If you’re a “Pillar of the Community” on Steam, you can try out the beta right now.

Valve Details Team Fortress 2 Co-Op Mode Upgrades

team fortress 2 mann vs machine thumb

Info on how you’ll amp yourself up to take on automatons.

Team Fortress 2 Goes Cooperative with Mann vs. Machine Update

team fortress 2 mann vs machine thumb

Once again, rumors = true.

RUMOR: Team Fortress 2 Will Add Robotic Faction



Steam Community Update to Feature Player Screens, Videos

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More cool new features from Steam.

Steam Adding Non-Game Software to Its Catalog in September

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Software will make use of Steam features like cloud saving.

Steam’s New EULA Prohibits Class-Action Lawsuits


Valve claims it to be in the best interest of the community.

The Best Source Filmmaker Video Yet?


Do you agree?

Using Achievements to Support Competitive Gaming


Achievement Unlocked: Not Being A Total Noob

Steam Android App Hints At More Than Games

steam android thumb

You may soon use software you got from Steam to pay your taxes.

Valve: Steam Greenlight Inspired by TF2


Turns out DLC hats can lead to great things.

More Gamers Than Ever Buy Games Online


Anyone feel sorry for GameStop? Anyone? Bueller?

Valve Adds ‘Pyrovision’ With Third Team Fortress 2 Update

pyro thumb

This is, quite frankly, awesome.

Team Fortress 2: City on Fire Update Brings New Toys


And not just for the pyro!

Source Filmmaker To Bring Movie-Making Software to Steam

steam filmmaker thumb

Valve announces a new Source engine movie-making tool you can have for free.

Valve Launches Meet The Pyro Team Fortress 2 Video

meet the pyro thumb

It’s fun.

Pyromania Update Brings New Stuff to Team Fortress 2

tf2 doomsday thumb

Updates are coming during the next three days.

Report: Valve Working On A Steam Console


Quelle Surprise!

Valve is Working on Some Non-Hat Team Fortress 2 Thing for 2012

team fortress 2 medic thumb

It’s not a hat or a map, which could mean it’s something bigger.

Fan-Made Team Fortress 2 Crafting Game Gets In Your Brain

team fortress 2 crafting thumb

You’ll probably get addicted to this. Level Design Contest


Need a dispenser here!

Team Fortress 2 Having Another Australian Christmas


They’re bringing it back!

Ah, Hell — The Internet Starts Speculating About Some Valve Reveal in 2012

gabe newell thumb

God damn you, Gabe.

Newell Says, If You Give People Good Service, They Won’t Pirate Your Game

gabe newell thumb


Everybody Who Pre-Orders Deus Ex: Human Revolution From Steam Gets Hats For Team Fortress 2

deus ex tf2 stuff

Also new guns.

Trade Digital Crap for Other Digital Crap in Steam Trading Beta

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Suddenly those crappy games your friends gifted you have bartering potential.

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