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Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 Gets A New Trailer

The Walking Dead S2 Clementine-Blood 140x

Spoiler Alert: EVERYONE DIES

Oh My Darling, Telltale Teasing Walking Dead Announcement


That Vine clip of Clementine with the blood-splattered face? It was posted on the Telltale Games Twitter feed last night,…

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Gets Xbox Live Release Date


The Walking Dead: Season 2′s first episode is entitled All That Remains, and it will hit Xbox Live on December…

Telltale Announces Game of Thrones Adventure

game of thorns

Despite the red herring that was the announcement of a different Telltale game this evening, the Wolf Among us studio…

Telltale Working with Gearbox on Borderlands Adventure


UPDATE Saturday, December 7, 8:45 PM: And with surprising speed, the trailer has been pulled from Youtube. It hasn’t been…

Steam Outs The Walking Dead: Season 2 Release Date


Oh, hey The Walking Dead: Season 2, looks like you’ll be released on December 17. The folks at Telltale have…

All Aboard The Game of Thrones And Telltale Games Train!

Game of Thrones Logo 140x

IGN is reporting that Telltale Games is hard at work on a Game of Thrones title. IGN has learned from…

Telltale Set to Unveil the Second Season of The Walking Dead Game


Get ready to get ready. And while you’re doing that, cut your long hair, hippie. It’s much too easy for…

The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 Review: Grimmly Satisfying


Trying to describe Fables, the long running DC Comics/Vertigo series written and created by Bill Willingham, risks making it sound…

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 Walkthrough


Take a trip through the world of Fables with Game Front as your guide.

The Wolf Among Us Release Date Announced


Telltale Games, the folks who made me worried sick about poor little Clementine in The Walking Dead, are transforming another…

The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Review: Four Stories Too Many

walking dead 400 days 1 thumb

The Walking Dead’s season-bridging DLC is good, but lacks the emotional resonance or weight that made the game so amazing in 2012.

Your Season 1 Choices Will Affect The Walking Dead: 400 Days

walking dead 400 days thumb

Everything you did in The Walking Dead plays into DLC pack 400 Days, and your choices in the DLC will affect Season Two.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Could Import Your Season 1 Saves

walking dead 1 thumb

Also, what if Telltale did a Half-Life game?

The Walking Dead Ep. 1 is Free on XBLA

walking dead 2 thumb

If you haven’t played it, this is a good way to give it a go.

Grab The Walking Dead Half Off During Today’s Steam Flash Sale

walking dead 2 thumb

This price is more than worth it.

Failed Connection: Watching My Fiancée Play Walking Dead

walking dead 1 thumb

Some thoughts on how players connect — or don’t — with protagonist characters in games.

How The Walking Dead and Other Games Let You Off the Hook

walking dead ep 4 thumb

Is Lee (and by extension, am I, the player) really the best person to take care of Clementine?

What I Learned From Watching My Fiancée Play The Walking Dead

walking dead ep 3 3 thumb

Watching my non-gamer, Walking Dead comic-fan fiancée play Telltale’s game illuminates how different our gaming experiences can be.

Walking Dead Proves Gamers Want Deep, Adult Stories

walking dead 4 thumb

The Walking Dead’s success suggests maybe more of us wish gaming would grow up a little.

The Walking Dead Ep. 5 Review: The Way It Had To End

walking dead ep 5 3 thumb

A powerful conclusion makes The Walking Dead one of the year’s best, but Episode 5 is probably its weakest installment.

Walking Dead Episode 5 Trailer Promises a Rough Ending

walking dead 1 thumb

This trailer will get you excited.

Walking Dead Episode 5 Gets a Solid Release Date

walking dead ep 3 1 thumb

It all comes to an end next week.

Walking Dead Trailer Shows Players’ Moral Choices in Ep. 4

walking dead ep 4 thumb

See what choices everyone else made.

GoG Running Big Weekend Sale on Telltale, Interplay Titles

bttf ep 2 thumb

Big discounts on until Nov. 13.

Walking Dead: The Game Collector’s Edition Coming to GameStop

walking dead collectors edition thumb

Grab the game, get some comics.

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Review

walking dead ep 4 1 thumb

Telltale skillfully builds on everything that came before as we move toward the end of the season.

PSA: Walking Dead Ep. 4 on PSN Today; Steam, Xbox Wednesday

walking dead ep 4 thumb

Have to wait just a little while longer.

Stats For Walking Dead Ep. 3′s Awful Choices Broken Down


It’s brutal.

The Walking Dead Episode 4 Trailer Shambles Onto The Web



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