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‘The Cave’ Creator Ron Gilbert Leaves Double Fine


The maker of The Cave leaves Double Fine to work on new projects.

The Cave Review: Guilty of the Deadly Sin of Being Boring

the cave 4 thumb

Weak design decisions mean that the charming bits of The Cave are overwhelmed by the time you’ll waste doing boring things.

The Cave: How to Get the Good & Bad Endings [Guide]


Earn virtue’s last reward.

The Cave Achievements


Crush all the canned corn, smell like a dinosaurs, and smash some furniture with this quirky list of adventurous achievements.

The Cave Character Trailer Details The Seven Main Characters


Ron Gilbert’s latest game is full of mysteries, murder, and two evil twins.

The Cave Cheats


Delve into the dark aspects of your personality.

The Cave Walkthrough


Go spelunking with Double Fine’s underground adventure.

Monkey Island’s Insult Swordfighting Playable In Browser


Learn how to fight like a dairy farmer.

The Cave Pre-Order Includes Three Team Fortress 2 Items


If you pre-order the game, you can get a new hat to wear wear in TF2.

Double Fine’s The Cave Has a Steam Page, Not Quite Pre-Orderable

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It’s on Steam, but you can’t buy it yet.

New Screenshots From Double Fine’s ‘The Cave’ Emerge



Double Fine: Video Games ‘Don’t Need Permission’ to Be Art

games as art

Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert don’t really think this needs to be a debate anymore.

Wil Wheaton Interviews Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert

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Wil, Tim and Ron spend a few minutes talking about everything from The Cave and Kickstarter to video games as art.

Double Fine to Big Publishers: Embrace Change, Or Miss the Revolution

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In the age of digital distribution and social networking, publishers need to engage with their fans, Double Fine says.

Sega And Double Fine Announce The Cave For 2013


And now, our first look at what all that Kickstarter money gets us.