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What the Game Front Staff Bought on Steam Sale


Haha, we’re broke now.

The Darkness II Review

darkness 2 6 thumb

It’s on the short side, but The Darkness II is an phenomenal improvement on its predecessor and offers solid story and tons of mayhem.

The Darkness 2: Relic Locations


They belong in a museum.

The Darkness 2 Walkthrough


Embrace The Darkness with Game Front’s text and video guide.

The Darkness 2 Achievements


Become the Don of Darkness.

The Darkness 2 Trophies


Dominate the Darkness.

The Darkness 2 Cheats


Shine light onto The Darkness 2.

The Darkness 2 Launch Trailer


Yes! It’s here! Er, in 2 weeks.

Green Man Gaming Wants To Give You 25% Off On Pre-orders

mass effect 3 multiplayer

That’s awful nice of them!

Get a Load of The Darkness II Demo with James, Mitch and Zac

darkness 2 thumb

Some fun moments to be had.

The Darkness II Demo To Drop This Month


Get your flashlight ready.

Get To Know Every Big Release in 2012

bioshock infinite thumb

We’ve run down all interesting-looking titles of 2012. Enjoy.

Pre-Puchase The Darkness II on Steam, Get Some Free Stuff


Free stuff!

Looking Ahead: Gaming In 2012 (Q1)


Our fevered look at the games we’ll be playing in the new year.

The Darkness II Will Have Four-Player Narrative Co-op (TRAILER)

darkness 2 darkling thumb

For maximum demon story confusion.

More Darkness 2 Powers: Black Hole and Gun Channeling (TRAILERS)

darkness 2 black hole thumb

You have lots of options for dismembering people in this game.

Meet Your Evil Darkling Sidekick in The Darkness II (TRAILER)

darkness 2 darkling thumb

He’s British. Also a bastard.

Distract Enemies with a Swarm — of Evil! — in The Darkness II (TRAILER)

darkness 2 swarm thumb

It’s green stuff that is really irritating to bad guys.

Learn About The Darkness II’s Big Bad Secret Society, The Brotherhood (TRAILER)

darkness 2 thumb

Seems like anything called “The Brotherhood” is always bad news.

The Darkness 2 Doubles Your Dual-Wielding with Quad-Wielding (TRAILER)

darkness 2 2 thumb

Quad means four, you lame-o Halo fan!

Pre-Order The Darkness II, Get Upgraded to the Limited Edition

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Hey, free digital comics and in-game upgrades.

The Darkness II – “What Is The Darkness?” Trailer


Time to get reacquainted with The Darkness in time for The Darkness II.

Christian Cops Want The Darkness II Banned

darkness 2 2 thumb

Digital demons make you hate police, potentially.

Mike Patton Still Hasn’t Finished Red Dead Redemption


It’s been more than a year!

Mike Patton On His Darkness 2 Work: “I’m Just A Tool”


Surely Mike isn’t really insulting himself, right? Click to find out.

Comic-Con 2011: 7 Minutes With Musician and The Darkness 2 Voice Actor Mike Patton


7 minutes of heaven, I mean!

The Darkness II Pushed to 2012

darkness 2 3

February, to be precise.

E3 2011 – Four Franchises That Could Be Redeemed by Sequels

prey 1 actually thumb

We got a look at a few sequels that are very promising despite the games that came before them.

E3 2011 – A Purer Demonic Experience in The Darkness II

darkness 2 2 thumb

Tighter gameplay and an intuitive “quad-wielding” system seem like they’ll make The Darkness II more than a worthy successor to the original.

E3 2011 – Video Interview with Darkness II Lead Designer Tom Galt

darkness 2 thumb

We got a quick five minutes with Tom after seeing The Darkness II’s very cool E3 demo.

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