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E3 2011: The Darkness 2 Interview With Lead Designer Tom Galt


Get ready to dig down deep into the even more comic-booky sequel.

New The Darkness II Screens

darkness 2

I love The Darkness, but I’m hesitantly pessimistic about The Darkness II what with Starbreeze not being behind development on…

The Darkness II Gives Off a Bit of a ‘Would You Kindly’ Vibe (TRAILER)

darkness 2 thumb

Who’s pulling Jackie Estacado’s strings?

The Darkness II Teaser Trailer


The Darkness II releases October 4th in North America and October 7th internationally.

GDC 11 – The Darkness II Presentation


We saw the Darkness demo in person! Here are our thoughts!

Mike Patton Will Voice The Darkness Again (Hooray!)

the darkness thumb

Good news on the sequel front. Now they just need to tighten up the gunplay a bit and The Darkness 2 could be awesome.

The Darkness 2 Announced, Getting a PC Release


You’re getting control of demonic tentacles again, and this time you’ll be able to use your mouse and keyboard.

Now We Probably Know Who’s Developing The Darkness 2


And it still isn’t Starbreeze, sadly.

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