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Sign up for the Skyrim: Dawnguard Xbox 360 Beta Now

skyrim dawnguard thumb

Sign up to play Dawnguard, like, soonish.

Watch The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Trailer


And here is the trailer

Next Skyrim Update Brings Mounted Combat, On Steam Today

skyrim mounted combat thumb

Horses will finally be worth a damn.

DOTA 2 Already Being Played More Than Skyrim


And it’s still in beta!

Videogames: Loving the Art, Hating the Business


Hate because you love and love because you hate.

Elder Scrolls Bundle: $60 for Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind


Buy Skyrim, get Oblivion and Morrowind free!

Over 13.6 Million Skyrim Steam Workshop Downloads


“PC mods FTW.”

What The Hell is Skyrim’s ‘Dawnguard?’ Speculate With Us!

skyrim dawnguard thumb

What do you think Dawnguard is going to be about?

Bethesda Reveals ‘Dawnguard’ Skyrim DLC (With No Details)

skyrim dawnguard thumb

It’s coming this summer and exclusive to Xbox 360, at least for a while.

Bethesda Promises Skyrim DLC Info (UPDATED)

skyrim dragon battle thumb

Stay tuned!

Skyrim Patch Files Suggest Snow Elf, Crossbows In DLC


And it looks like we’re getting an announcement soon.

Now You Can Garden in Skyrim, In Addition to Everything Else

skyrim plant trees thumb

Get your green thumb on.

ZeniMax Is Trademarking ‘Fus Ro Dah’


This means a lot of illegal t-shirt makers just took an arrow to the knee.

Yell at Your TV! Skyrim Gets Kinect Support


With a voice wielding power of the ancient Nord art.

What Skyrim Is Really Like (VIDEO)


FUS RO (open menu, change weapon) DAH!

Minecraft: Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Trailer


The Ender Scrolls.

Silent Protagonists: Why Games Like Skyrim Would Be Better without Them


Is it time we move beyond silent protagonists, or is silence golden?

Bethesda Trademarks Dawnguard, Rudderless Skyrim Speculation Follows


Could be something, could be nothing. LET’S GET EXCITED!

Watch Ode to a Meme that Took an Arrow to the Knee (Video)


The new hit song by Game Front’s in house band, Round 3, Fight!

Skyrim Beta Update 1.5 Adds New Cinematic Kills (VIDEO)


Finish him!

RUMOR: Bethesda Announcing Elder Scrolls MMO In May


This one might just be real.

Make Your Own Skyrim Helmet out of Paper


There’s glass armor, so why not paper?

Welcome to the New Game Front – Take a Tour


New homepage, new features, way more awesome–and it’s just the beginning.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard: Mods are Better Than DLC

skyrim epic battle thumb

He’s right.

Skyrim 1.4.27 Released on Steam


Sorry, PC-only.

Skyrim’s Success Inspires Remedy to Make Story-Driven Games


Alan Wake dev won’t be answering the Call of Duty just yet.

Skyrim Songs Sung by Female Vocalist (VIDEO)



Nvidia Rolls Out GeForce Drivers to Amp Up Skyrim, Diablo III, Mass Effect 3

skyrim nvidia amp thumb

Oooo, pretty.

Bethesda: Angry Skyrim Players Have a Right to be Pissed Off


Skyrim has already been updated more than Oblivion and Fallout 3.

Skyrim DLC to Feel Like Expansion Packs


Skyrim DLC to have more “meat” than Fallout 3 DLC.

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