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Top 10 Video Game Music Alarm Clocks


Snooze button? What Snooze button?

What Skyrim Would Look Like If It Took Place in 2012 (VIDEO)

skyrim 2012 thumb

It even sneaks in a Fus Ro Dah.

Play on Your PC Remotely with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 Tablet


Or spook the crap out of people using your PC.

Macho Man Lives On in Skyrim Mod (VID)



The Skyrim Show Ep. 3: Everything Goes Wrong

skyrim dragon

This is a bad day.

Steam Owned 2011, Delivering Many Petabytes of Data


I don’t know what a petabyte is!

Five Million People Are Currently Playing Games on Steam


Must be all the students getting in some solid game time before school starts up again.

EA, Sony and Nintendo Are Sort Of Still SOPA Supporters


Sort of.

Skyrim Violin Cover is a One-Man Show of Awesome (VIDEO)

skyrim bard thumb

More musically talented video game fans making cool stuff, please.

Amazing Skyrim Pics, Plus a Book About Giants


Wait, who wrote that book? I think I know that guy!

How To Handle After Christmas Shopping


THIS is how we want to shop.

Make Skyrim Spiders Slightly Less Lame With This Awesome Spider-Man Mod


Warning: Earworm damage will occur.

Game of the Year 2011


This is the big one. The best game of the year as voted by our staff, plus the results of reader votes as well.

Autotune Bears In Skyrim


How can there possibly be a better headline?

Lookout, Retail Stores: U.S. Gamers Spent More Without Going to Stores Last Quarter

steam thumb

That accounts for a lot of things, though. Like DLC and mobile games, as well as digital distribution.

BioWare Says It’ll Take Inspiration from Skyrim for Next Dragon Age Sequel

dragon age 2 companions thumb

It’s also listening intently to fan feedback, by the sounds of things.

Holy Crap: New Nvidia Driver Claims To Boost Skyrim Performance 25%


Skyrim players, get to work proving this amazing claim!

Best RPGs of 2011


2011 was a great year for RPGs. Here are our favorites, and yours.

“Arrow in Knee Meme” Is Officially “So Last Week,” Science Says


I used to take arrows in the knee like Skyrim guards. Now I wear knee pads.

Somebody Improved Skyrim’s UI With a Mod

skyrim menial tasks

Good news!

You Can Take Skyrim Online With This New Mod

skyrim dragon battle

Assuming it works as intended, anyway.

Skyrim Is Quite the Hit on Steam (FACTS)

skyrim dragon

Like, it’s ridiculous how popular this damn game is.

Skyrim Earns $650 Million

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

That’s not a SMALL amount of money.

5 Franchises That Got Beaten Like a Dead Horse in 2011

skyrim arrow to the knee thumb

I used to like hearing about these video games, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Skyrim Patch 1.3 Hits Xbox Live, Still Awaiting Playstation Network Approval

skyrim bard thumb

PC users — Bethesda is working on a Large Address Aware patch! Hooray!

5 Games We’d Love to See Released in 2012, But Won’t Be

assassin's creed revelations troll thumb

Five games that aren’t real or possible, but would be great to see in 2012 anyway.

In Celebration of Hitting 50,000 YouTube Subscribers, Meet the Game Front Video Gang! (VIDEO)

james but not james thumb

See James, Mitchell and Zac’s faces right here!

The Skyrim Show Ep. 2: We Create Some Mayhem


It’s very, uh, mayhemic.

Bethesda Promises Lots of Skyrim DLC

sheogorath thumb

So not horse armor, then.

The Spike Video Game Awards Don’t Need to Change, YOU Do!


Stop whining about a show that was never yours

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