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The Secret World Illuminati Trailer

the secret world 2

It’s an Illuminati world.

Get To Know Every Big Release in 2012

bioshock infinite thumb

We’ve run down all interesting-looking titles of 2012. Enjoy.

No Player Death In The Secret World


The reason for this is dumb.

The Secret World Beta Registration Open Again


For real this time.

The Secret World Beta Signups Delayed

the secret world 2

What does this mean for the beta itself?

The Secret World Going Traditional With Pricing

the secret world

Nothing too surprising here.

There’s a Secret War Going On in The Secret World (TRAILER)

secret world 2 thumb

Secret societies, secret monsters and secret…uh…squirrels. Okay, not that last part.

The Secret World Business Model Revealed: Subscriptions and Microtransactions


Rich players won’t have an in-game advantage, though.

MMO Roundup 8/25/2011 — New Secret World Trailer, Global Agenda’s Largest Expansion Coming in Early Fall, RIFT’s Half-Birthday Celebration is Underway, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

I Really Hope That’s Cthulhu in This Trailer for The Secret World

the secret world 2 thumb

It’s definitely a giant monster.

Gamescom 2011: The Secret World Beta Signups Start August 26

the secret world

Join the Illuminati, the Templars, or the Dragons next week.

MMO Roundup 8/11/2011 — Age of Conan Doubles Revenue in One Month, WoW Hotfixes, New Guild Wars 2 Video, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

Devs: Secret World is a ‘Globetrotting Adventure’ (TRAILER)

the secret world thumb

That’s kind of opposite what I thought the game was actually like.

MMO Roundup 7/8/2011 — WoW Hotfixes, PlanetSide 2 Revealed, The Secret World Trailers, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

New The Secret World Trailer Relieves Itself


When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The Secret World’s Creepy Setting is Creepy – and Haunted (TRAILER)

the secret world thumb

Digging this game’s Alan Wake-Stephen King-Resident Evil 4 vibe.

Age of Conan Breaks Ground With Server-Side PhysX


Hither came Conan, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, to tread the physics-enabled servers of the Earth.

GDC 11 – The Secret World Demo Impressions


Take a look at what we learned about FunCom’s new MMO!

GDC 11: The Secret World is Slightly Less Secret


We saw The Secret World at GDC. Unfortunately, it’s gotta stay a secret until next week.

Funcom’s The Secret World to be Co-published by EA Partners


The modern consiracy MMO from the developers of Age of Conan sees major distribution boost thanks to EA agreement.

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