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False Advertising in Video Games – Aliens, SimCity and Your Wallet


This article will tell you all about the secret ways to legally get any game you want for free. ‚ĶOkay,…

The War Z Databases Hacked, E-Mails and Passwords Stolen


Your information has been compromised.

DayZ’s Dean Hall ‘Very Angry’ About The War Z

dayz-gallery-photo_p3 thumb

The situation surrounding The War Z continues to take a toll on the creator of DayZ.

War Z Mods Don’t Read Ban Appeals, Despite Claims to the Contrary


This game must be in the running for biggest prank played on the video game industry.

War Z Announces All Future Bans Will Be Permanent


If you’re unjustly banned, well…

War Z Attacked by Hackers Multiple Times


Poor War Z. It never had a chance.

War Z’s Trademark Might Be Disputed, But Creator Denies It

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Who knows what the deal is with this game at this point.

The War Z Executive Producer Responds to Steam Fiasco


Caused by a “major disconnect between our development team and marketing team.”

The War Z is Off Steam; Valve Says Release a ‘Mistake’

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Lots of people have complained the game’s sale page was fraudulent.

The War Z’s Steam Launch a Fiasco


Duck and cover.

The War Z Content Update Coming Next Week


Loads of new content teased.

The War Z Producer Drops An F-Bomb. No, The Bad One.


Super mega facepalm.

You’ll Be Able To Permanently Lose Your Money In The War Z



Over 100,000 Registered for The War Z Beta in 24 Hours


As if zombies didn’t have it rough enough already.

PSA: Don’t Click Any Beta Emails About The War Z — They’re Fake

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No beta codes are being sent out yet, so don’t click anything in those emails.

Zombie MMO The War Z Coming Thanks to DayZ

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The player base of the ArmA 2 mod has proven there’s an audience for Hammerpoint’s title.