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My, How You’ve Grown: The Witcher is Six


Over 100 hours of gameplay, 30,000 lines of recorded dialogue, and 36 different endings. That’s just some of what The…

CD Projekt vs. CJ’s PC: The Witcher 2′s Unbreakable DRM


Things that you can try to get your game running — things that didn’t work for me.

The Witcher Series Sold >5M Copies; Both Games 50% Off


$15 for the first two installments.

Was Witcher 3 Stealth-Announced In Cyberpunk Trailer?

cyberpunk night city thumb

We think yes! Kicks Off ‘End of the World’ Sale

witcher 2 4 thumb

Grab some new games in honor of the apocalypse.

The Witcher 3 Further Along in Development Than Cyberpunk 2077 (RUMOR)


Well, the unannounced dark fantasy title, at least.

CD Projekt RED Thanks Fans for 5 years of The Witcher series


No, thank you.

CD Projekt’s Free Development Tool REDkit Goes Into Closed Beta

witcher 2 4 thumb

Witcher 2 modding is coming in 2013.

Witcher 2 Now Available For Macs and On Sale

witcher 2 thumb

Everybody gets a discount!

Make A Note: CD Projekt Livestream Is Tomorrow


Make a note.

CD Projekt, Plan Mac Announcement Event

witcher 2 thumb

It’ll include new games coming to the service and new info about CD Projekt’s game Cyberpunk.

CD Projekt Invites Modders to Join in Witcher 2 Mod Beta

witcher 2 zoltan thumb

Help test the tools.

Witcher 2 Modding Tools To Be Unveiled At Gamescom

The Witcher 2thumb

Unfortunately, I won’t be in Germany so I am going to hate everyone who is.

CD Projekt Red: ‘We’ve always believed in free DLCs’


I want to marry them.

Witcher 2 Producer’s RPG is Dark Souls-Inspired Lords of the Fallen

lords of the fallen thumb

Sounds interesting.

Witcher Devs Next Title Is a Glam Rock RPG

cyberpunk2020 go

Raise your hand if you like 80′s glam rock and futuristic body mods.

CD Projekt: “Over-Exploiting” Gamers Will Hurt Industry


We endorse.

Wil Wheaton’s E3 Videos, All in One Place


Check out our entire collection of Wil Wheaton E3 videos.

CD Projekt RED: ‘It’s Not About Protection; It’s About Delivering Value’

witcher 2 thumb

CEO Marcin Iwinski discusses CD Projekt’s attempts to make buying its games a better value than pirating them.

Witcher 2 Developer’s Execs Talk With Wil Wheaton (VIDEO)

cd projekt interview thumb

The developers famous for abandoning DRM talk about it and their upcoming RPG, Cyberpunk.

Did You Buy Witcher 1 Anywhere? Get a Free Backup Copy from

witcher 2 thumb

That’s pretty cool of those CD Projekt guys.

CD Projekt to Unveil New AAA-RPG Tomorrow


Guns, guns, guns.

CD Projekt on DRM: “It Doesn’t Work”


In light of recent Diablo 3 DRM hardships.

Witcher 2 X-Box 360 – Unlock the Bonus Experience Perk Early


Get a sweet 10% upgrade to your XP as early as possible.

The Witcher 2 X-Box 360 – Poker! Achievement Guide


Use this trick to make this agonizing achievement slightly easier.

Witcher 2 X-Box 360 – Easy Money Glitch


Get rich quick and become the arm-wrestling king.

Extending the Ending: Why the Witcher 2 Devs Did it without Compromising Art


Can we write a love song to an entire company?

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Is 15% off on Steam until April 23


Less than a week to go!

GoG: It’s Easy to “Slap a Mechanical Fix onto a Game” with DRM


It’s the easy way out.

Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Walkthrough


Enhance your life with The Witcher 2 on X-box 360.

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