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Witcher 2 X-box 360 Cheats


Geralt: A User’s Guide

Witcher 2 Walkthrough


Which Witcher is Witchier?

The Witcher 2 ‘Environments’ Trailer Is Beautiful (Video)


You’ll also be jealous of the narrator’s smooth European accent.

Witcher 2 Combat Will Keep You Digging Deeper (TRAILER)

witcher 2 thumb

See how you’ll bring Geralt’s enemies to their knees.

The Witcher 2 Dev Diary 5


The Witcher 2′s developers speak about character advancement, design philosophy, and more.

The Witcher 2 System Requirements Confirmed, New Screens


Shiny new screens and confirmed system requirements from CD Projekt.

The Witcher 2 System Requirements Revealed


They’re not onerous at all. is the Only Place To Get The Witcher 2 Without DRM

witcher 2 tavern

All retail releases will have some form of Digital Rights Management. Except one.

The Witcher 2 Hands-On Preview

witcher 2 thumb

An hour with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings shows off CD Projekt Red’s proprietary engine, dynamic combat and improvements over the game’s predecessor.

Awesome Mods for The Witcher


Looking forward to The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings in March? Check out these mods that’ll change up the original.

GameFront 2010: Most Anticipated Games of 2011


These are the games you’d murder a drifter to get your hands on early, if you knew you wouldn’t get caught.

The Witcher 2 Offers Permadeath Difficulty


Play the Witcher 2 on Insane. If you die, you restart.

Pirate The Witcher 2 and You Could Get Fined


CD Projekt will be looking for people who pirate The Witcher 2, but they’re also offering it up DRM-free.

Witcher 2 Packaging, Preorder Details Released

witcher 2

Upcoming PC RPG gets a massive collector’s edition that’s basically one giant nerdgasm.

The Witcher 2 Set to Launch May 17, 2011


One of our favorite RPGs now has a release date. We just wish it wasn’t so darn far away.

The Witcher 2 May or May Not See a Console Release


The chance of a console release of The Witcher has been downgraded to “potential.” It’s still coming to PC, and it’s still on time.

FileFront’s Best of E3 2010


Well, E3 is behind us all now. We’ve survived the flights, the crowds, and the Dead Space 2 demo. You’ve…

A Closer Look at The Witcher 2

We just walked away from a sit down with CD Projekt Red, where they showed us a closer look at…

Namco Bandai and The Witcher Developers Do Not Agree on DRM

Namco Bandai Partners VP Olivier Comte said he thinks Ubisoft’s strict-ass DRM is a good thing. Well, it turns out…

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