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Nordic Games Acquires THQ Trademark


Nordic Games, the company that purchased Darksiders and MX vs. ATV during the THQ auction, has now acquired the THQ…

Itagaki: Devil’s Third Almost Done, Coming This Year


Tomonobu Itagaki left Tecmo in 2008 and we haven’t seen a new game from him since. If, like me, you…

THQ Emerges From The Shadows To Sue EA & UFC


THQ, the publisher-turned-bankruptcy placeholder, has filed a lawsuit against EA and UFC’s parent company, Zuffa, LLC. THQ claims that the…

Nordic Buys Red Faction, Ross Is Worried [UPDATE]

darksiders 2 6 thumb

This is the dictionary definition of good news/bad news.

Darksiders, Red Faction, Other IPs Available in Second THQ Auction

darksiders 2 6 thumb

April will see the start of another round of THQ IP sell-offs.

THQ’s “Back Catalog & IP” to Be Sold Off in Coming Weeks


There is hope yer for Darksiders.

THQ Sells Studios, South Park, Homefront 2, Metro 2 for $72M

south park thumb

Here are the prices THQ’s assets are fetching.

THQ Officially Sold, Will Be Gone in Weeks



THQ Relic Studio Head Joins Activision


Uh oh.

THQ Receives Approval To Sell Assets


Icarus did indeed fly too close to the sun.

Objections Filed Vs. THQ’s Quick Sale


May not go through.

THQ’s Jason Rubin Explains The Bankruptcy


He’s optimistic.

THQ Has Filed For Bankrupcty


That sound you hear is the 3rd Street Saints crying out in terror.

Darksiders 2 Down to $12.50 for GetGames’ Holiday Sale

darksiders 2 3 thumb

A 75-percent price cut makes this one another good investment.

THQ Considers Linux Market As Revenue Source


This feels like grasping at all of the straws.

THQ Giving Away PC Copies of Metro 2033, Plus New Last Light Trailer

metro last light thumb

New trailer, free game. It’s a good Tuesday.

Barbarossa Nova: Hands-on with Company of Heroes 2


An advanced look at Relic’s WWII RTS sequel.

Final Metro: Last Light ‘Survival’ Trailer Features ‘The Commander’

metro last light multiplayer thumb

One more live-action trailer to get you pumped to return to the Metro.

Darksiders 2′s Third DLC Now Available

darksiders 2 belial thumb

Fight a big gross demon guy, just like in Diablo 3.

Company of Heroes 2 Trailer is All Huge Battles and Devastation

company of heroes 2 thumb

World War II was tough.

Watch The Metro: Last Light ‘The Preacher’ Trailer


And behold the long hair.

THQ Begins Negotiations To Stave Off Destruction


But I’m afraid it’s doomed.

Ubisoft Expresses Interest In THQ IP


Ruh roh.

THQ Is Still Hurting, Seeks “Strategic Alternatives”


This is starting to look bad again.

Metro: Last Light Won’t Have Multiplayer, Focusing on Single

metro last light multiplayer thumb

They’ve decided to put their resources in working on what fans have said they want.

Download Darksiders 2′s Argul’s Tomb DLC Right Now

darksiders 2 dlc wyrm.jpg thumb

New boss fights, dungeons and weapons.

Company of Heroes 2 Gets Pre-Order, Collector’s Edition Goodness

company of heroes 2 thumb

You’ve got some options for free intangible items.

New Saints Row: The Third Package Includes All DLC

saints row 3 thumb

Coming in November.

Looks Like Saints Row: The Third is Getting a Free Weekend

saints row 3 thumb

Get a friend.

Red Faction Series 75% Off On Steam ‘Til 4 PM PST


So hurry.

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