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THQ Being Sued By Adidas For 10 Million


It turns out my Adidas don’t always bring good news.

Volition’s Next Saints Row: The Third DLC Has Vampires (TRAILER)

saints row vampire thumb

And not the bulls–t sparkly kind, either. The katana-wielding kind.

Darksiders 2 Preorder Incentives Announced

BEST BUY - Angel_of_Death_Final_1920x1080

Click to find out if they actually incentivize you.

Big Warhammer Sale on Steam This Weekend

space marine 1 thumb

Snag Space Marine for a mere $17.

THQ’s Q3 Investor Call Indicates They Might Not Be As Doomed As We Think


We sat in on yesterday’s Q3 investor call, and survived to tell the tale.

THQ CEO Cuts Salary, 240 Employees Laid Off


Things are looking grim for the Agora Hills developer.

THQ Lays Off 150 Employees, Including VP of Tech Mark DeLoura


Dire news for the publishing giant.

THQ Facing NASDAQ Delisting


Things are looking really, really bad for the Saints Row developer

REPORT: THQ Australia Layoffs, THQ Japan To Be Killed


If so, this is yet another bad sign for the beleaguered developer

Ex Employee Blasts THQ In Letter To Board, Press


If THQ’s fortunes are currently in doubt, this angry screed may offer insight into why.

Ubisoft Loses Poaching Court Case To THQ


Does this undermine noncompete clauses? Ha ha, probably not.

Watch The Nexuiz – Announcement Trailer


They are announcing the hell out of this game!

Watch The Saints Row: The Third – Z-Style DLC Pack Trailer


Start living like a Saint today.

Watch Saints Row: The Third – Explosive Combat DLC Pack Trailer



How To Decide Between GTA And Saints Row (Flowchart)


The only guide you’ll ever need to picking the just-right combination of violence and, well, more violence.

South Park RPG Coming to Consoles with Trey Parker, Matt Stone Writing

south park game informer thumb

Please be a musical please be a musical please be a musical please be a musical

Game Front’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers


Make that special gamer in your life extra happy this holiday.

Company of Heroes: OF: Europe at War Mod Adds More Models, Abilities and Co-op Missions (DOWNLOAD)

company of heroes europe at war thumb

Even more new stuff makes it into this big Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts mod.

Watch The Saints Row: The Third Launch Trailer


Watch and enjoy.

Seems Like THQ Might Have Ripped Off PS3 Saints Row: The Third Buyers

saints row 3 thumb

Back at E3, Sony promised exclusive content for PS3 owners — so where is it?

THQ Will Sell You Cheats for Saints Row 3 — Just Give ‘Em $2.99

saints row thumb

Yay for paying for things that used to be free features. /sarcasm

Saints Row: The Third Review


It’s amazingly stupid, incredibly offensive and crazy for the sake of being crazy. And it’s the best thing I’ve played all year.

Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memory #9: Genki’s Zombie Stunt Jump


Trust me, this is tame compared to the actual game.

SIGH. Saints Row: The Third Will Require Online Pass


Turns out not everything about THQ’s latest is going to be mind blowingly weird.

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine DLC Coming in December

space marine 1 thumb

It’s pretty cheap and feature-laden, too.

Saints Row 3 PC System Requirements Announced


If you’ve got enough hardware muscle, you can join the Saints on your PC.

Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memory #3


True story about how I once worked as a professional hot dog suit guy inside!

Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memories #2: Super Ethical Reality Climax


Obviously this is kind of a murder party and everyone is invited.

UFC Undisputed 3 – Anderson Silva Cover Winner Trailer


Now we know who’s on the cover-BAM TO THE FACE. How ya like me now?

F2P Of The Day: CrimeCraft: Bleedout


A dystopian shooter/RPG set in a world ruined by economic collapse and resource depletion, or as it’s known to us, “next Tuesday”.

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