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GF Podcast 56: Evolve Hands-on, Hotline Miami 2 Drama


We’ve been playing the hell out of 2K Games’ early press preview of Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios’ four-on-one multiplayer shooter,…

Touch Controls Added to Total War: Rome 2


I’m not sure how effective touch controls would be in one of those massive battles in Total War: Rome 2,…

Creative Assembly Releases Beta of Rome 2 Mod Tools


It took more than a month for Creative Assembly to get Total War: Rome 2 in a playable state after…

Hail Caesar! First Rome 2 Campaign Expansion Revealed


Of all the battles of ancient Rome, one stands out for me: Alesia. That’s the conflict where Gaius Julius Caesar…

Total War: Rome II Coming to SteamOS


Yep, with controller support and all.

Total War: Rome II Sold 800,000 Copies in under A Month


Rome wasn’t build in a day. It took an almost an entire month.

Total Weekend War: Creative Assembly Finally Fixed Rome II


Spare me your “Rome wasn’t built in a day” jokes.

Total War: Rome 2 Review — Thumbs Down


Creative Assembly’s swords-and-sandals showpiece is a bloated mess.

Anon Dev: CA ‘Comprehensively Failed’ to Test Rome 2


Total War: Rome 2 has 99 problems, but a lack of opinions about its tumultuous launch ain’t one. The official…

Total War: Rome II Review Coming Next Week


Creative Assembly will get the chance to patch some of the game’s serious flaws.

First Total War: Rome 2 Patch Friday


Crashing, crippling battle and campaign lag, co-op desync, and snail-like AI turn speed that suggests battles in the ancient world…

Gladius and Scutum – Total War: Rome II Launches


TIL that the Roman Empire, when marching its legions against its many foes of the ancient world, did not permit…

Total War: Rome II Team Plans To ‘Fully Support’ Modding


Mod tools are definitely coming to Total War: Rome II. PC fans rejoice!

Creative Assembly Reveals Total War: Rome 2 Post-Release Content


The developers of Total War: Rome 2 have unveiled the post-release content plans for the game.

New Total War: Rome 2 Video Showcases Naval Warfare


When in Rome.

Dynamic City Growth in Total War: Rome 2 — Watch It Bloom


Watch it bloom.

Watch Rome Skirmish Against Macedonia In Total War: Rome 2


Who will win?

Early Access to Total War: Arena For Total War: Rome 2 Players


The early bird catches the worm.

Conquer Rome as Hannibal in Total War: Rome 2 (Video)


Extend your dominance to the city of Rome.

Total War: Rome 2 Hands-On Preview — A Samnite To Remember


Game Front runs the rule over the game’s meaty Prologue section.

Total War: Rome II Campaign Video Shows Off Diplomacy


Watch the game’s campaign unfold in this new Let’s Play video.

8 Awesome PC Games Still Coming in 2013


Who says PC gaming is dead?

Total War: Rome II Interactive Map Lets You Plan Conquests


Lead the glory of Rome.

Total War: Rome II System Requirements Revealed


Here’s what you’ll need to get the game running.

Total War: Rome 2 Items are Coming to Team Fortress 2


More hats! More hats! More hats!

Total War: Rome 2 Trailer Highlights the Plight of Cleopatra


Cleopatra opines the plight of the Egyptians as they fend against the Roman Empire.

Total War: Rome 2 Gets Barbaric at GDC 2013


It’s Legions vs. Germans in the Battle of Teutonberg Forest.

Total War: Rome 2 Offers 500 Different Unit Types, 118 Factions


Total War: Rome 2 will be the biggest title in the franchise yet.

Total War: Rome 2′s Egyptian Faction Announced


Join the war effort under the banner of Ptolemy.

Game Front Will Be at GDC 2013!


Battlefield 4 and much more!

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