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Soccer is Deadly in the Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer


You don’t want to get a red card while playing soccer in a world where the Nazi’s won WWII. You…

Ubisoft Shows Off Watch Dogs’ Version of Chicago


Welcome to Chicago. In the latest trailer for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft offers an in-depth look at its hacktastic new playground,…

Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets Spooky in New Trailer


In the new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect, developer Airtight Games brings the creepy. Up until now, we’ve seen how…

Batman: Arkham Origins Story DLC Gets Trailer, Release Date


Mister Freeze is the focus of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins story DLC, Cold, Cold Heart, developer WB Montreal has…

Lion’s Arch is Scarlet Briar’s Target in Next Guild Wars 2 Update


Scarlet Briar is taking off the kid gloves. ArenaNet announced this morning that Briar’s siege on the very heart of…

Finally, The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 is Coming Soon


Remember when we had a ball playing the Big Bad Wolf in Telltale’s first episode of The Wolf Among Us?…

Game Front’s Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Graphics Comparison


The PlayStation 4 version of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition runs at a crisp 60 frames per second. The Xbox One…

Picard, Stark, Malfoy Among Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Cast


Professional voice over work can make a good story great and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow featured it in spades, with…

Devs Talk Fast Travel, Group Play in The Elder Scrolls Online


There is fast travel in The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax Online confirms in a new gameplay video. These days, it’s…

Strap In for Titanfall Alpha Trial Gameplay Footage


tf by Shyakugaun A handful of gamers were selected to take part in this weekend’s Titanfall alpha trial, and of…

Clockwork Empires Trailer Showcases Steampunk City Sim


A steampunk city sim featuring Cthulhu-like catastrophes. That’s the pitch for Gaslamp Games’ (Dungeons of Dredmore) latest, and today the…

Alien: Isolation Announcement Trailer is Here


Want to see more about Alien: Isolation? Check out the story primer to get a deeper look at the lore…

Nosgoth Trailer Highlights Ongoing Closed Alpha Action


We were all hoping for a new Legacy of Kain, but Nosgoth, the F2P humans-versus-vampires competitive multiplayer, isn’t quite what…

No Place to Hide in Lengthy Dying Light Gameplay Trailer


Yes, it’s yet another zombie game, and yes it promises to do things a bit differently from its many competitors,…

Oh My Darling, Telltale Teasing Walking Dead Announcement


That Vine clip of Clementine with the blood-splattered face? It was posted on the Telltale Games Twitter feed last night,…

Respawn Shows Off New Ogre Mech, Teases Titanfall Beta


When I see an Ogre mech turn the corner in Titanfall, I’m running the other way — whether I’m on…

Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine Makes Tom Clancy’s The Division Pretty


Ubisoft got me. Back when the studio revealed the first trailer (above) for its upcoming open-world shooter at E3, Tom…

The Witcher 3 Gameplay Trailer Shows Geralt in Open-World Action


I could be wrong, but haven’t we already seen a ton of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay? Yep, sure…

Year One — Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailer


Two more days. That’s how long we have left to wait before dishing out copious amounts of non-lethal violence in…

Dog Sucker Punch: Battlefield 4 Trailer Takes Shot at CoD


One of the highlights of Call of Duty: Ghosts appears to be Riley, a badass canine companion whose idea of…

Must Watch: 17 Minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay


If, like me, you have some serious questions and concerns about Batman: Arkham Origins, you’ll want to see this. Rocksteady…

Edward Kenway: Privateer — AC4 Black Flag Story Trailer


Video game conspiracy theory time. You’ve probably noticed that just about everything coming out of Ubisoft these days looks like…

Jaw Dropping: Star Citizen HD Sizzle Reel

I am going to play the s&!$ out of this game. AMD rolled out its new R9 and R7 GPU…

Instant Trailer Review: The Evil Within


The Game: The Evil Within The Makers: Publisher Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks, which is led by Executive Producer Shinji…

Instant Trailer Review — Call of Duty: Ghosts


The Game: Call of Duty: Ghosts The Makers: Publisher Activision, developer Infinity Ward The Release Date: November 5, 2013 The…

Mechs! XCOM: Enemy Within Gameplay Demo


Oh, hell yes. My squad of veteran alien fighters will be getting a nice little pre-holiday gift, courtesy of the…

Diablo 3 for Consoles Gets Its Own Trailer


In-game footage of the Diablo 3 PlayStation port.

Neverwinter Trailer Showcases Dangers Near and Far


Every city has its dark alleys, right? In Neverwinter, it’s most of the town…

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2 Is Here Right Now


And you can watch it immediately.

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Trailer Reveals Male Miquote and New Limit Breaks


Want to play the male Miquote? They’re looking for testers.

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