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The Superman Challenge: Turbine Turns an Icon Into a MOBA Champ


In his forward to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, “Why I Chose Batman,” Stephen King had this to say…

Infinite Crisis Now Open to All, Watch the New Trailer


With their powers, lore, and costumes, I always thought comic book superheroes would be the jelly to the MOBA genre’s…

Lord of the Rings Online Dev Turbine Hit With Layoffs

lord of the rings helms deep review thumb

An unspecified number of people have lost their jobs at Turbine, and there’s no word yet as to how this might affected LotRO or Infinite Crisis.

LOTRO: Helm’s Deep Review – The Weak Point in the Wall


Atwald the minstrel, jerk that he is, showed his face about three hours into my playthrough of Helm’s Deep. Not…

DC MOBA Infinite Crisis Debuts Batman Halloween Skins


Microtransaction sales in a closed beta? Welcome to the new age.

Justice League of Legends: Hands-on with Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis_21_nightmare_batman_actionThumb

Does the DC Comics MOBA have what it takes?

Infinite Crisis Puts DC Heroes In The MOBA Scene


The allure of money in MOBAs has even comic companies chomping at the bit

Turbine Slapped With Patent Infringement Suit


Ruh ROh.

LOTR: Riders Of Rohan Delayed To October 15


So reschedule your appointments.

Turbine: F2P Model ‘The Only Sustainable Option’


Yeah, he’s right.

LotRO Anniversary Festival Extended to May 9

lotr online 1 thumb

You get another two weeks to experience the Fifth Anniversary Festival in Middle Earth.

Lord of the Rings Online Gets Special ‘Mithril Edition’ Retail Release

LOTRO Mithril FOP thumb

You can buy LOTRO at GameStop and get some bonuses.

RUMOR: Massive Hobbit Expansion Planned For LOTRO?


We have no idea if this is true, but the source is known for extremely accurate rumors.

Turbine Says Subscription MMOs Aren’t Dying


They’re just living on the waterfront near a river in Egypt.

Lord of the Rings Online to Add Mounted Combat in 2012


Unsurprisingly, it’s coming in the Rohan expansion.

Lord Of The Rings Online Update 5 Will Add An Instance Finder


This is going to make it much easier to vanquish… things…

Lord of the Rings Online Devs Give Insights About the Gap of Rohan in Rise of Isengard (TRAILER)

lotr online gap of rohan thumb

Time to mount up with the horse lords.

Go ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ in Dunland in Lord of the Rings: Rise of Isengard (TRAILER)

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It’s all about creating something substantial from Tolkien’s words.

Turbine Announces 5 New Instances For LOTR By Year End


And they won’t be 19 hours long.

Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard Screens Visit Majestic Locations


It’s like some kind of MMO travel brochure.

PAX Prime 2011 Exhibitor List Teased


CHEAP CLIFFHANGER BLURB: Click to find out who has been confirmed for Pax Prime 2011, so far…

Warden Class Noob Help Guide for Lord of the Rings Online Posted


Need a little help? Turbine has starter guides for most LOTRO classes now.

Lord of the Rings Online Teases Strange Occurrences Near Oatbarton


Bungo Grubb finds an unwanted stone in a new game event.